iPhone 12 & CGM

I just upgraded from iPhone 8 to 12 (mini) and use a Dexcom G6. I find that 12 periodically disconnects and reconnects from the Bluetooth for no particular reason, even when it is in the same room. It can remain offline for up to a few hours, but otherwise (90% of the time) it is fine.

The iPhone 8 remains connected all the while as does the Dexcom receiver. I am giving the 8 to my son, but hate to give up a reliable mobile phone connection.

The Bluetooth connection discovered by the iPhone 12 is labeled DexcomTH. It frequently shows as ‘not connected’ even when the devices are communicating properly. More than once I have rebooted both the phone and the Bluetooth, to no apparent avail.

The iPhone 12 connects successfully to other Bluetooth devices, so I’ve not figured out why it is temperamental only with the G6.

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Might look and see if you have more Dexcom Transmitter ID,s in your Bluetooth settings than your current transmitter. I’ve heard that can be problematic. Unpair those that you are not using.

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After yesterday when the iPhone 12 had on and off connections, I took a leap of faith. I removed the app from the 8, figuring I could reload it if necessary. So far ,so good. Thanks.

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Dave1 -I’m newly diagnosed and a long-time Android user. The Dexcom g6 doesn’t work with my current phone, so I’m interested in an iphone 12 or 12 mini, but I’m hesitant because it’s not yet an approved device. How well has the 12 mini worked with the G6 the past two weeks? Thanks in advance

There are some unofficial options for Android phones not on Dexcom.list, if interested.

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Yes, I’m interested!

Most common is to use xDrip. It has been around for many years. You will see many others here mention it or show screen shots.
Here is details

Another option is to use a hacked version of Dexcom app, which is altered to run non supported phones. So it is basically identical to dexcom version, but not necessarily the latest version.

Here is link for Dexcom app for non-supported Android.

r/diabetes - Dexcom G6 app for all Android Phones

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@Dave1 I am still interested in how the iphone12 is working for you. I will be getting one pretty soon and inquiring minds want to know! Thanks!

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Once I got the iPhone 8 off the Bluetooth (and deleted the app), the iPhone 12 Mini works like a champ with Dexcom G6. No worries, as far as I can tell.


Thank you, @Dave1 One more question: how’s the battery life?