iPhone 12 & CGM

I just upgraded from iPhone 8 to 12 (mini) and use a Dexcom G6. I find that 12 periodically disconnects and reconnects from the Bluetooth for no particular reason, even when it is in the same room. It can remain offline for up to a few hours, but otherwise (90% of the time) it is fine.

The iPhone 8 remains connected all the while as does the Dexcom receiver. I am giving the 8 to my son, but hate to give up a reliable mobile phone connection.

The Bluetooth connection discovered by the iPhone 12 is labeled DexcomTH. It frequently shows as ‘not connected’ even when the devices are communicating properly. More than once I have rebooted both the phone and the Bluetooth, to no apparent avail.

The iPhone 12 connects successfully to other Bluetooth devices, so I’ve not figured out why it is temperamental only with the G6.

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Might look and see if you have more Dexcom Transmitter ID,s in your Bluetooth settings than your current transmitter. I’ve heard that can be problematic. Unpair those that you are not using.

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After yesterday when the iPhone 12 had on and off connections, I took a leap of faith. I removed the app from the 8, figuring I could reload it if necessary. So far ,so good. Thanks.


Dave1 -I’m newly diagnosed and a long-time Android user. The Dexcom g6 doesn’t work with my current phone, so I’m interested in an iphone 12 or 12 mini, but I’m hesitant because it’s not yet an approved device. How well has the 12 mini worked with the G6 the past two weeks? Thanks in advance

There are some unofficial options for Android phones not on Dexcom.list, if interested.

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Yes, I’m interested!

Most common is to use xDrip. It has been around for many years. You will see many others here mention it or show screen shots.
Here is details

Another option is to use a hacked version of Dexcom app, which is altered to run non supported phones. So it is basically identical to dexcom version, but not necessarily the latest version.

Here is link for Dexcom app for non-supported Android.

r/diabetes - Dexcom G6 app for all Android Phones

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@Dave1 I am still interested in how the iphone12 is working for you. I will be getting one pretty soon and inquiring minds want to know! Thanks!

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Once I got the iPhone 8 off the Bluetooth (and deleted the app), the iPhone 12 Mini works like a champ with Dexcom G6. No worries, as far as I can tell.


Thank you, @Dave1 One more question: how’s the battery life?

I haven’t noticed anything unusual on battery life. I normally charge it every night - rarely gets below 50% unless I forget to charge or play hours of music. Overall I am happy with the phone. Camera is pretty great, especially low light conditions.

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Cool. Thanks! @Dave1 I really can run through my battery. And it’s really nice to know about the camera. I have seen it advertised about the lower light better quality. I am really looking forward to a larger memory.

For me the iPhone 12 battery performance is amazing - I can easily go two days of heavy use without needing to charge, but I am coming from a 6s Plus where I usually couldn’t get through one day without needing to charge.

I think the super efficient OLED screens on the 12 are a big reason why the battery lasts so long. I set my screen to never turn off, I like to have my BG number displayed in G6 or Sugarmate app all through the night so I can just open my eyes and see my number on my night stand without having to touch the phone at all. When I tried this always-on screen with my old 6s Plus the battery would drain in an hour or so!

As for Bluetooth connection with IOS 14.3 on the iPhone 12, I have had no problems, but it is a good idea to remove any old G6 sensors from the Bluetooth list and to get in the habit of always having the phone with you - the only time mine disconnects is when I forget and wander outside to do something while the phone is still in the house.

So I just got an iphone 12. Lol, I kept pushing my memory limit on my old iphone.

I had everything copied to my new phone, but I didn’t have to get rid of the Dexcom ap on my older phone. I just completely shut off my old phone and did a restart on my new phone and once it was up and running turned back on my old phone and everything was fine. It’s not reading on my old phone of course, but the ap is still there if I want to go back to it. But I am not having a problem with losing the connection like @Dave1 did.

The Dexcom ap is running fine and so is Clarity. When I called they said they hadn’t gotten approval yet for the new IOS system and couldn’t guarantee it would work. The only problem I can spot is I when I get a low alert my old iphone it used to read the BG level with the alert. Now an alert sounds and it just says Dexcom notification alert. Hopefully that gets fixed, I do have it set up to give a continuous reading on the home screen, but there seems to be a delay in changing that reading.

The camera quality is better, it’s got a few nicer adjustments for the camera usage. The battery is definitely longer lasting.

But the thing I hate the most? And I would almost go back to the old iphone because of it (but I really want the memory) is the face recognition instead of a print. No button which was easier to grab and use your finger or enter in your code. This you have to hold up your phone to have it recognize you, then try to swipe up the screen to see if it did, if it doesn’t then there’s a slight delay before the numbers come up to enter your passcode. And at night forget it, guarantee you have to enter your code. Much more time consuming half the time and when it works it’s the same as a thumbprint. So what is the point??? Because most of the time it’s more work.

Next I miss the button. It’s a little of a pain trying to swipe up some of the screens instead of just pressing a button. Did they even put it in the hands of normal people to try out their new inventions?

Edit to add…
When I was in the room with my iphone 8 it started reading my Dexcom again and when I went back into the room where my iphone 12 was it started reading it again.
Very interesting.

It looks like I will be taking back the iphone 12, the camera is amazing, the memory is amazing. But the face recognition is really a pain and more work to use. Plus getting rid of the button causes an extra step in some aps which is also a pain. From what I understand the iphone 13 will probably have a print reader on it. I will wait!!!

Sorry it didn’t work well for you. Face recognition has gone smoothly for me, except of course when I have on a mask. Thought I would miss the button a lot, but am now used to the swipe up action.

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I could get used to the no button and the swiping instead. But it’s the facial recognition feature I really hate. I was used to being able just touch my phone to turn it on and now I have to pick it up. Especially a pain at night. Most of the time it can’t recognize me.

I just got the iPhone 12 in November and after a week of adjustment I love it. I don’t like the face recognition as much as the thumbprint sensor either, it works about 60% of the time for me, but I have a workaround that makes it a non-issue. I set me phone to never go to the lock screen, instead of setting it to 5 minutes. I am able to do this because of the awesome battery life of the iPhone 12 - for me it lasts twice as long as my old iPhone and I basically have the screen on 24 hours a day. So it never tries to do a face ID unless I have manually locked the phone by hitting the right button. The other big benefit is I have the phone propped up on my nightstand with the dexcom app fullscreen so I just have to open an eye to see me number which I do 5 or 6 times each night - I don’t have to sit up, pick up the phone, unlock it etc, and i couldn’t do that with the battery in my old phone. It automatically adjusts brightness to a very dim glow at night so that is not a problem either.

I know there is a slight security risk by never having the phone lock itself automatically, but with the pandemic I am in my house 90% of the time and it is easy to hit the right button to lock it while I am grocery shopping or running the rare errand.

And I love the MagSafe built into the 12, I use a MagSafe charger and a MagSafe PopSocket with it.