iPhone apps

A friend is looking for an iPhone app for BGs and insulin. Preferably something she could print out for endo visits. Suggestions? Thank you!

I've used "WaveSense" for a long time. Quick entry, and e-mail ability for reports which can be easily printed from e-mail make it a great choice. That and it's free.

Though I just started a pump, so I'm looking again at apps that include meal carb calculations, "GoMeals" has a good carb count, but not much else. Free is the biggest deal for me since there is no "trial" for iPhone apps and few free "light" versions in this category.

Thanks, Scott!

I have used Diabetes Pilot for that sort of thing. It was a great record keeper and it had a desktop component that would allow you to examine the data and run graphs. I really like "Carbs Control" as a database for food items and restaurant menus. The selection of restaurants is pretty extensive.

Thanks, Pete!