Is it normal to feel confined with the tubing of the insulin pump?

i have been pumping a little over a week with the Ping Pump and its just ok right now…is it normal to feel constricted or confined with the tubing? there has been a few days when i felt like pulling out the tubing? i kind of freeze when sleeping with it too…will this go away? its gets easier right? my numbers have been pretty good so i like that

doesnt it get in the way sometimes?

I never have felt confined. Never felt restricted. I sleep in shorts and tuck the tubing into the shorts. never had a problem. Never had a door knob incident yet in 8 months or so of pumping. Always just tuck the tubing into my pants or bra and have yet to get it caught.

yeah, you can look at a post i did recently about my frustration with the pump. i have never really gotten used to the “ball and chain” effect. but the pump is marginally less crappy than the mdi, so i keep it. the pump sucks big time. just sucks slightly less than mdi, for me at least. i have the same pump, btw. i guess, try to look at the positives of the pump. but i certainly don’t expect you to like it. wouldn’t blame you for going back to mdi either. i would say give it a couple of months and see how it goes. peace.

I don’t notice it too much after a couple of years. Really, I was so stunned at how much fun it was, I don’t want it to get away so I sort of like the tubing?

yes ball and chain effect! exactly how i feel! how long u been pumping? type 1? for how long?
im type 1 for 35 years now

I think many people dolike their pumps, Grego, and would never go back to MDIs, but we are all different. I also think we are all different in what we find difficult or frustrating and in how we adapt. I’m as new as Mary Ann is; I’m definitely aware of the tubing but it doesn’t bother me. But I think it is a major adjustment and even can effect the way we think about ourselves. I had my own little freak out the first night when the way the trainer had recommend I sleep with it didn’t work at all for me and I envisioned myself all tanged up and maybe pulling the whole set out. But I got some great suggestions, bought some “diabetes wear” and now I’m good for sleeping. It also seems like each outfit I put on presents a new delemna as to how to wear the pump. But I know I’ll figure it all out. Remember you can also disconnect for a little while if you want. I disconnect for a nice bubble bath every day. Because it isn’t that long and I don’t take a high dose I don’t worry about “making up” the basal amount.

Yeah it does seem to be in the way sometimes but I think we’ll get used to it. So far my best ways to wear it are thrown in the loose front pocket of my cargo pants, hooked to the waistband or the pockets of tighter pants, always on the side so it is out of my way, and in my spibelt turned to the side for sleeping.I didn’t like the bra thing at all though many women do.

Hang in there, Mary Ann; glad to hear your numbers are good! Mine are too and I’m doing some tweaking of my basals as I’m going away for two days next week and I’m not used to driving so I don’t want to have lows.

thanks Zoe,i guess being type 1 diabetic for 35 yerars and injecting all that time is a big change for me,the injections didnt bother me at all guess i need to give it some time

which discussions grego on frustration? are u impatient like i am?

Yes, maybe it’s even harder since you’ve done injections so much longer than I have and are well used to them. If you can remember, think about how long it took to got comfortable doing that. More than a week I’m sure!

I know too that’s it’s easier for me because I only work very parttime so don’t feel stressed and rushed.

I’m with you on that, acidrock. I waited awhile to let myself get the pump because I didn’t want my only reason to be I wanted a cool new toy! But when I found out I didn’t have to pay for it, it was all good!

“sighs” yes it did take more than a week to get used to shots but at least i threw the needle away and it didnt hang on me,

I did shots for 36 years and have been pumping for 8. I never got use to shots, it was always a struggle, so the pump relieved me of that 5-7 a day shot trauma.

To be perfectly honest the pump does annoy me with the physical look of it, but that is all, it really does not bother me otherwise.

I sometimes think about taking a pump vacation, but the thought of shots keeps the ball and chain attached.

I’ve been pumping for over 10 years and I can remember when that tubing was always getting in the way or I was snagging it on something or ripping off my site because of it getting caught on a doorknob. I hated doorknobs! I think for at least the first year I was constantly getting my poor sites ripped out because of that silly tubing getting caught on something and my being unaware until it was too late.

Fast forward to today & now my pumpy and her tubing are my “bestest” friends. I have a 6th sense when just about anything catches or pulls on my tubing and I think it’s been years since I’ve had a site accidentally getting pulled out. I still sometimes find myself entangled within the tubing at night since I’m a tosser & turner but for the most part you just get used to it. I’ve slept on my pump many times with a nice little back or butt imprint (I usually take the case off at night) in the morning… but now my CGM wakes me up more than anything. I guess some things will never change… :slight_smile:

I must be the Queen of Cool – my pump has NEVER bothered me after 12 years of pumping. I curl the tubing up and stick it in my pants; I hook it to my PJ bottoms at night. On Thursday, the tubing managed to get stuck on the button of my coat as I was taking it off – no prob. just disengage the tubing and back into my pants it goes.
I usually wear long dresses and use the Leg Thing (I think they call it something else now), and it’s absolutely no problem; I just reach down and program boluses as needed.
Every once in a while, I’ll reach down to where my pump is, just to see if it’s still there – otherwise I forget about it.
I can’t promise it will be as easy for you as it has been for me, but in my case, it’s just what the doctor ordered!

thanks for all the replies people,guess its just a matter of adjusting,different cycle of diabetic life

Of course it is. When I take mine off (the connection, tubing, pump sensor) I do my little separation dance and shout I am free. Then I sing the freedom song. Whatever that is. LOLO

rick phillips

LOL! i like that one rick!

how long diabetic? and how long onn the pump?