Is it normal to feel confined with the tubing of the insulin pump?

You get used to it (eventually!). It took me a long time to get the hang of it. Now, it is just apart of my daily life (and I missed it when my pump shorted out in June and I had to be disconnected for 48hrs!). I kept being really worried that I would pull it out when I was going to the bathroom, etc. In 8+yrs of pumping, I have only “successfully” pulled out the set once (and I still glare at the doorknob as I walk past it!). You learn how to dress, shower, sleep, etc with it. I went from wearing nightgowns (which really didn’t have anywhere to hook the pump) to pjs. Just like anything new you are doing, it takes time. Good luck and welcome to the pumping world!

I’ve gotten used to it. When I’ve had to go on shots for a couple of days I find that annoying plus I have a strong dawn phenomenon so I can’t get the same bg control. Before I started pumping I also had persistent proteinuria which is now normal thanks to the pump so the benefits outweigh the cons for me.

I do find myself getting caught on stuff or the tubing will snag but it’s not a problem. Just unsnag myself, stuff it back into my pants and carry on many times without even thinking about it.

I did found that having accessories that gave me more options for wearing it helped too. I have a baby sock, the low profile clip, a leg band that I made, and a spibelt.

The pump takes some getting used to, but you will adjust. I usually put it in my back pocket and poke a hole in it so I can run the tubing through the inside of my pants so it doesn’t get caught on stuff. I find that really helps, and it keeps the pump inconspicuous, which I like. Good luck!

I disconnect when I take a shower which means that I get 30 minutes of freedom a day. I like that but I can’t say that the tubing was ever a big deal. I have a bit of a needle phobia and I hated giving myself shots - this is much, much better.


thanks again everyone,i have lots to learn,i had 3 lows today…my educator readjusting the insulin rates in the pump so i hope to be fine
theres alot to learn,i just want the diabetes to disappear! ive never been bothered much by my diabetes for 35 years but now i am,“sighs”

I’ve been struggling for 20 years, wanting the diabetes to go away while I wasn’t looking. And testing it out by omitting insulin. No such luck. Do you think, if we started a denial club, with enough members, it would take us seriously and go away???

with tighter control and more gadgets, comes the 24/7 bothersome D

LOL! nice idea natalie! but as for me i never had problems accepting my diabetes until recently when i got on the pump,now its a constant reminder,

thats what i thought…“sighs”