Third day with saline in my ping

So far, so good…except that I can’t wait for next Wednesday to start using the hard stuff! Kind of resenting having to do an injection after the pump bolus. The set I put in with the CDE was amazingly easy, though I think I’ll be depending on the cheat sheet heavily when I change it tomorrow. No pain at all, I was amazed that I didn’t feel a thing.

I move a LOT when I sleep, and have one dog on either side of me,so was concerned about having the pump/tubing somewhere safe. I got a pair of scrub pants and a pair of men’s sleep shorts with a pocket. They’ve worked out great. Pump/tubing go in the pocket, and I add a safety pin to be sure it won’t fall out.

I’m finding the tubing annoying (using 23"). It just won’t stay where I put it.

Hi jrtpup. I’m glad the saline pumping is going well–insulin pumping is bound to be even better! I would suggest a Spibelt ( for holding the pump. They have one made especially for pumps, a little bigger than the original, called the Diabetes Spibelt. The belt adjusts, the pouch is a stretchable nylon, wearable day and night with or without clothing. (Actually my MM522 fits the Original, but I don’t know which one you have. Probably the Diabetes one is safest.) The tubing can be taped by cloth tape, leaving a little slack where needed. Good luck!

Oops, I see you have a Ping! Truthfully, I don’t know the pump size.