_______ is my Kryptonite

Potato chips!

I eat potato chips only very rarely, since a long time. Since getting CGM last fall, This was the first time and wow the graph looks like a Himalayan mountain. Even bolusing multiple times to the point that I’m worried I’m overdoing things!

I worked out that I had 50 grams of carbs last night (started with treating a low and it sort of got away from me) and it took 12 units to get back to semblance of normal. But it was funny, it took a long time to peak.

So no more potato chips for me!

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Just eat a few. No need to give em up completely.

I realized in my first year at university, taht I could have 2 drinks and stop drinking. It was an amazing realization.

I wasn’t diabetic yet back then, but what I’m trying to say is, moderation

Your conclusion and intention is wise but giving up highly processed and palatable carbohydrates is not easy. Potato chips, like many other highly processed carbohydrate snacks are specifically designed to be addictive.

Addiction has wiped out countless good intentions since we are dealing with deep human emotions. These foods are often eaten to ease fears or mitigate perceived vulnerabilities; they’re often called comfort foods.

If you identify potato chips as your kryptonite, then I encourage you to resist eating any amount of them. People who successfully manage their alcoholism do not target alcohol in moderation as a goal. For them, the only thing that works is going cold turkey and not consuming any alcohol.

The human body has no essential nutritional need of either alcohol or potato chips. You will be better off in the long run to completely avoid your chips; many ahead of you tested the moderation tactic and found that it failed them, again and again and again.

Moderation can work if you are not addicted.


Mac N Cheese, and I never ever ever eat it. I slobber like a pavlovian puppy in the grocery store when i pass by the aisle, so no. Not ever even though it goes so well with almost every type of BBQ.


It’s funny, I don’t really care for it, but the other day in the store I found myself craving Mac and Cheese.


It was brown rice, but lately it’s been a vegan pound cake. A girlfriend as a present made me her mamas pound cake recipe and made it vegan. She used a quarter of the sugar and used agave instead of regular sugar. Whole wheat flour. More lemon and blueberries in it. Vegan Earth Balance Margarine. It was huge and we froze a bunch of it.

But it must have a large fat content? It’s reminding of dosing for the pizza that had vegan cheese on it and hitting hours later. A simple extended dose doesn’t work, it has to be a complete dose later, I’m working on the timing, it’s a trick. But it’s super delicious!!!


Peterpan peanut butter. Crunchy or smooth it does not matter.


Any bar that offers food with their beer. Gets me every time.


At this time of year, homemade pork tamales. I can pass up all those holiday sweets and high carb foods, but, oh! Tamales, ole!

We had a delayed Christmas dinner yesterday with 2 of our grown sons. I bolused nearly 3 times my usual, so that I could eat 140g of carbs at one setting. It was so good.