Is Tempura Toxic or Something?

I went to a restaurant and ate Tempura for lunch last week. My blood sugar went 225, then 275, then 309 and sat in the 300s for 9 hours before dropping.

So is there some ingredient that is toxic to Diabetics? Just wondering.

LOL, deep fried batter. Carbs plus fat = evil. I love this stuff, but keep well away.

Agree - carbs plus fat - late spikes. I had trouble eating it when on MDI, but now pumping, I have finally figured out how to bolus for it (over 2 hours). On MDI - I used to take 2-3 shots over a few hours to ry to get the same results.

I think it is a similar concept to pizza another greasy carb that will spike you immediately and keep it up for hours. Needs tonnes of fast acting insulin over a long period of time.

Yep, fat & carbs from the breading. Lethal combo. Not worth it.

I fifth the motion.

Thanks for all the comments. So fat plus carb equals evil high blood sugars for hours on end. Not enough Humalog in my pen to counteract this! lol

hahaha you could do like Danny said his mom used to do… and pack a stationary bike in the trunk of your car, so you can exercise right there in the parking lot of the place, and see if it helps. lol I’ve had this image in my mind for a while, of me trying to bike away just about any naughty thing! hehe

Maybe, just maybe, an IV insulin drip would work–lol!

I could’ve used one of those on christmas…

hee hee!! :slight_smile:

So…I’ve tried this. i mean, not from the back of my car or anything, but if I work out immediately after eating, my friendly overactive liver just seems to spike my sugars higher if I’m already on the up…not so for you danny? Sweet shirt :wink:

AHA! Now I know why Eric went sky-high after 16 oz of full-fat milk + 1/2 an English muffin with butter. His daycare provider and I were mystified. Usually he only has 4 oz milk, and usually it’s low fat, so we’ve never seen this before. We double checked the carb counts and looked for bubbles and found nothing, and we were going to change his site but an hour after she told me about the high (380!!) he was back down to within range, and given that the correction had worked we knew the site was OK. I’ve been wracking my brains to figure out what it was and had decided it had to be a bubble that we just didn’t see, but now it makes more sense.

Hey, Kathyann, what else did you have with that Tempura? Id say that tempura is about 40-60 carbs, but if you tossed in some sweet potatoes and rice… Well thats a bang up combination of at least 120-150 carbs, plus rice can take forever to break down. It sounds like what I used to bolus for when eating rice. Dual Superbolus!

You sure this wasnt the 70s? You look pretty rockin! =^)

The lactose in milk is killer for many. More carbs in low fat milk than in regular milk. It was probably more that Eric had 16 oz. It probably wasn’t the fat in milk. It’s the amount of lactose.

Yeah, I use a combo bolus if i’m going to be eating something high in fat. Fat raises my BG faster and longer than carbs ever do.

My liver does all kinds of weird things. I have found that the starches that that my ancestors ate during famine are just deadly to me (I’m just too good at using them – I don’t know anyone who can eat corn.) I’ve found that rice doesn’t digest very well for me and thus has a lower impact. Weird, huh? By the way for comparison – I’m Irish, English, Welch, Scotch and a whole lot of Jew. You should see what I can do with oats, barley and potatos, they actually ferment in my gut an destroy my sugar control.