Is the honeymoon over?


How will I know if the honeymoon phase is coming to an end? Is there a blood test that tells whether or not your pancreas has finally shut down? My daughter Olivia, who is a 2 year old type 1 is currently in this honeymoon phase. This means that at times her pancreas will produce some insulin on it’s own. I feel like there is no consistancy with her numbers. She is two so there is only a handful of things that she will eat so there is no big changes from day to day concerning her diet, but one day her blood sugar reading is 117 and then the next day at the same time it will be close to 400! It is very frustrating and stressful and I worry alot. Is it wrong for me to wish the honeymoon was over?? I feel guilty when I say that:(


No it is not wrong to feel that way. I wanted it to be over too because it makes it hard to keep their BG’s stable. But I have come to realize that even though I am a perfectionist This is one thing that I cant get perfect is her BG’s. With Ocean her honeymoon phase ended after about a year and her insulin intake slowely went up for her. Others say they all of a sudden need a lot more as well. I think it is different for everyone. I am not sure about a test that they can do. How long has she had diabetes?


We finally realized that the honeymoon was over when our daughter’s insulin requirements tripled over the course of a couple weeks. We were just going on the pump and trying to do basal tests and figure carb ratios and were just so frustrated and couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then we looked at her overall insulin useage and realized that her honeymoon was over. At least then we didn’t feel so inadequate.

Of course you wish the honeymoon was over with wacky numbers like that. Anyone would be frustrated. Don’t feel guilty. I just read somewhere where a nurse told a newly diagnosed mom, never feel guilty for trying to keep your child healthy. I really liked that. And that’s exactly what we are all trying to do. Keep our kids healthy. And consistent numbers are part of that. Not that growth hormones etc won’t send your numbers wacky, but a pancreas that helps some days and not others is an added frustration.

I don’t think there is a test that tells you how long a pancreas will keep working. Sorry. Good luck and keep your chin up. You’re doing a great job.



Hi - with swings like that, I feel like your honeymoon phase is over. What do the doctors say? If it were me, I wouldn’t hesitate to start a discussion about getting those numbers under control. I think I was such a pain in the neck to our doctors … I was persistent , challenging, relentless. Mothers have to be that way - we’re the only voice our little ones have! :slight_smile:

I think there is a blood test, but I can’t remember the name of it. If I have time, I’ll try to do some research on that. I know my daughter has had that test …