Is the Honeymoon over?

For the past week, we have seen Olivia’s blood sugar rise little by little. Yesterday she was in the 200s all day and all night. Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital contacted us back today and told us to increase her Levemir (long acting) insulin both in the morning and at bedtime. We send PCH her readings every week. Our diabetic educator stated that Olivia might be coming out of the honeymoon period. We probably won’t know for sure until her blood work in May, but I wondering if it is true. Has her pancreas finally thrown in the towel?

Hi Ronda! That’s great that you send results in every week! It could be that the honeymoon phase is ending. While it’s wonderful, I actually found my diabetes easier to manage after the honeymoon phase was over (I had too many lows in the first months). One way of looking on the bright side is that it takes out one variable (how much insulin is her own body producing)… because that becomes none… though of course it is another transition which brings challenges! Let us know if the numbers improve this week!

Hi Rhonda, I agree with Kristin, but it also could be to the fact that Olivia is growing and requires a bit more insulin. That is why diabetes is so hard with children, they continue to grow, and it is hard to figure out what is needed insulin wise for the growth spurts. Her carb ratios will probably change as well.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to get Dr. Bernstein’s book BEFORE she loses all her own insulin productivity!

Once you read the book (and it doesn’t take long) you will wonder why all doctors aren’t shouting this from the rooftops. It works well, it’s easy, and it means less profit for the doctors and the drug companies.
I really wish someone had told me about this 39 years ago.