Is there a link to Sam Finta's Afrezza interview?

I can’t find it anywhere, and I hope it has been archived and is still accessible.

@green_pear there’s a bit of post-production to do before the archive video of live interviews are available.

In the meantime, you can find the TuDiabetes video archive here:


I’ll be looking at this video as soon as it posts. I couldn’t attend as I’m busy with vacation fun!

Anyone that attended have any comments? Or has the Afrrezza fever died down? I’m still using it for corrections only and I’m liking it more and more.

###A suggestion for @Emily_Coles

Emily, I spent a bit of time poking around the entries for the “Previous Events” trying to find the archived video for the past event. I was wondering why a link to the archived video in the Tu Video section was not included in the entry for a previous event. I think it would make it easier to match the event up with its archived video.

I’ve spoken to Sam on the phone and am interested in seeing the interview as well. I still use Afrezza for all meal and correction boluses. My Omnipod is just a basal pump at this point.

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Here is link to Interview with Sam Finta. It has been updated to the Official Tudiabetes Edited version. Thanks to Brian for the tip. JHP

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john - Thanks for the google video link. I couldn’t show up in real-time yesterday and was happy to view today!

The link above is to the raw footage (with a bunch of waiting at the beginning). The official version is available here:

I’m looking forward to seeing it too. I used up my trial period of afrezza and have been too busy working or sick so haven’t managed to get in and do my spirometry yet-- I’m waiting on that before I get back into it… Works very well for me. My only complaint is my levels sometimes creeping up after 2 hours. The ability to just eat whatever I want within reason, spontaneously, and then dose, relatively crudely, a few minutes later without my bg going crazy is pretty liberating.

@irrational_John, let me see if I understand your suggestion: put a link to the archived video on the page announcing the event, after it happens? If that’s what you have in mind then that actually is what I normally do (or at least, did on the Ning site). For this one I just hadn’t added the link yet because the last time I checked in on it the video wasn’t live in our video section yet.

Let me know if you were suggesting something else!

It’s here!

No, that is what I was suggesting.

But on the way to posting this reply I did notice some other things which are possibly worth considering when there is time to do so …

  1. While I see the link to the archived video in the Live interview with Sam Finta, “AfrezzaUser” event description, I can not find it for the April “Live interview with Gary Scheiner”. Am I just missing it?
  2. I noticed while looking at those two past events that the only way to reach the Previous Events page seems to be by hunting down the button at the bottom of the Upcoming Events page (
    Could a way to navigate to Previous Events while at the top of the Upcoming Events page be added?
  3. Similarly, would it be possible to enable reaching the Upcoming Events page while at the top of the Previous Events page.
  4. At the top of the individual event descriptions there is a navigation button labeled All Events. It seems it should actually be Upcoming Events because it currently take you back to (I think is potentially rather confusing if you were looking a past event. :expressionless:)

The intent of the navigation on the events page is that folks will mainly use the “from date” field toward the top-left to find things that are either past or future. Given that, do you still think it’s necessary to create a more obvious “previous” events link at the top of the page?

Regarding the “missing link” to Gary Scheiner’s video… that’s just me forgetting to put it there. I’ll fix that now :slight_smile:

Yes, I do, because … WAIT!!!

What was that about a … what was it … oh, yeah, a “From Date” field??

##Are you talking about this :question: :question: :question: :arrow_down: :question: :question: :question:

Huh. :confused: I never noticed that before. :disappointed: But, in my defense, it doesn’t exactly jump up and try to lick you on the face, now does it?

But, yes, that could help. Let me use if for a bit and I’ll get back to you.

LOL! @irrational_John I absolutely do not fault you for not seeing that very small and subtle field. And if it didn’t jump out at you then of course it’s not jumping out at anyone, so that’s clearly a problem. I’ll find out if it can be made more obvious.