Is there a Pump/CGMS on the horizon?

I’ve heard rumors that “they” (whoever they are) are working on an all-in-one pump/CGM. Does anyone know if that’s true and how far into the future we’re talking?

Yes! Reps from Dexcom told me two days ago that an animas pump/ dexcom unit was going to be released sometime in 2010. She said she couldn’t give me other details, but that it was definitely supposed to be released sometime in 2010.

I have heard that Omnipod is working on it as well. But the new smaller pod that is rumored to be released in the near future will not have the CGMS intergrated into it.

I take they mean all in one infusion set, where you wouldn’t have two seperate parts? Which I think would be impossible, you couldn’t have the cgm too close to the insulin… Not sure?

That’s the one I heard about - I’ll have to check to see if I can find any info on it.

Hmmmm…I didn’t even think about that.

Yes…this is what I read…one side is the infusion of insulin and other is the CGMS. This was written about the OmniPod…which had me searching for more info on it. As I remember…the new, smaller Pod coming out in early 2010 does not have it…but, looking at a later release. I think I read about it on DiabetesMine…reference to it in our forums here.

Here is the link to the post on talking about the agreement between Insulet and Dexcom. I know I read somewhere else that it will be coming available mid-2010. I am sitting tight on any investments in pumps until I see what is going to be available in 2010. I purchased 10 MM CGMS sensors to “try” them out w/ my 522…but, no committments yet! I would love to try the Dex…have heard good things.

I wouldn’t want to have the pod and sensor in one… I have to change the site for the pump every few days, but will let the CGM sit for a week or more! With dexcom the sensors last 10 + days and you can’t leave a pump site there that long.
I heard June 2010 is the “supposed” release for the “in one” dexcom/pod set up, but there will still be 2 sites, just one remote for the 2 systems. I will be upgrading asap when it is out… both are fantastic companies : )

I hope this is right–one PDM controlling two sites is best.

I agree! I would not want an integrated infusion set and CGMS sensor. Imagine if one of them failed, you would have to replace both. EVEN if I used them for the same amount of time, I would not be for physically integrating them.

This sounds right to me - 2 sites, 1 PDM

I would agree…unless they could configure the site to be 2 pieces? I would be most concerned about how the infusing insulin may effect the tissue blood sugar levels…they need to be far enough apart.

I definitely would like 1 site better than 2. What is the downside if the geeks figure out how to make it work?

That’s true - go geeks!