Omnipod having a CGMS

So a couple weeks ago I read an article about insulet joining with Dexom into making a pod that has a built in CGMS in it. I talked to a guy at dexcom and he said it will be comming out summer of 2009 Do any of you know about this?!?

I really hope that they do, but I am not sure if it would be too close to the infusion site (if it is on the same omnipod device). I have been looking towards CGMs but I will wait until a good one comes out…

I talked to A salesman today and he said omnipod and freestyle navigator and dexom are going together in 2009 to bring out a pdm that will read both of the cgms in 2009 and then in about 2years have a one piece device that will have both a pump and a cgm in it


I have heard and read about the CGM being integrated with the Omnipod. If you go to you can read about it there