New Pump User

I amh a new pump user :slight_smile: I really lik it, but have got a few ?'s So 1: Where is a good place 2 put it, the site not the pump? Ive had it on my stomach 4 the most part because my pants r extreamly tight & it has been ripped out of my leg by putting my pants on. 2: Wheres a good place 2 put it whn u sleep? I been just slipping it n2 my sports bra cuz Ima tank top/sports bra & panties sleeper. 3: Where do I put it during the day? Lik I said my clothes r vry tight & jst cant find a good place 2 put it… Thx

I use the belt loops on my jeans and pants, pretty much all the time, except when I run. I have an Amphipod belt thing to lug Gatorade and ipods and the pump clicks to it nicely. For sleeping, I use the waistband of whatever sort of pants I'm wearing. It can also end up loose, on the bed and that works out ok too, although the first few times, I was like "OMG, I'm going to smoosh it!" but it survived!

Hey, glad you are loving your pump. I love mine too and have had mine about 7 months now. I use my stomach for my infusion site, when I sleep, I usually attach mine to my leggings. or a t-shirt, and I to wear a lot of tight jeans, pants. It all depends, if Im wearing jeans, I'll often just clip my pump inside the pocket. If I'm not wearing jeans, but tight pants I'll clip my pump either to my underwear which lol I guess it all depends on what kind you wear, skimpy, thongy kinds probably wouldnt work to good, but um Im a bikini kinda girl, lol OR I'll flip my pump around in cooler weather where the screen is facing towards my body and clip it to my pants..but I havent dont that in warmer weather as Im afraid If I get sweaty I'll fry my pump that way.

I am happy that you like your pump. I wear my infusion set almost exclusively on my lower torso. I have a little extra to give there, and haven't had any problems with it there. I have only torn out one infusion set and looking back, that was my own carelessness. I should have taken it out after changing sites, but for some reason, I left it in. Check with your CDE as to the best places for you to insert your infusion set. Then,. you can figure out where to place your pump on your body, and still be able to get to it to give it commands.

It will get easier as you become accustomed to the pump. I barely know mine is there, but am grateful for its daily function. It has been life-changing for me.

Good luck to you. Be well.

Brian Wittman

Hello. My son just started pumping 2 weeks ago. He did not like the site in his stomach so we put it in his upper butt area, about an inch below his pants waistband. We have been going in a line across this area. After the summer is over and he is done swimming we are going to try his belly again.
I bought a tummietote belt for him and it has been great. It is very tight so the pump is held close to him and not hanging or bouncing around. You can sleep with it on as well.
For during the day you may be able to get away with the Tummietote belt too. It actually looks like a longer tank top hanging out of a loose tank top,if you know what I mean??
Good luck!

I use my stomach, hips and thighs for the set. My pump gets clipped to the waist of pants or skirts or in the pocket when I wear cargo pants or my new place clipped to the front of my bra. I sleep in sleep shorts and clip it to the back since I sleep on my sides or stomach. I use 43 inch tubing so I can just move it around wherever I want.

i have been on the pump for 11 yrs now, and am still learning where to put the site. i am skinny, so it is hard to find a meaty spot to stick the needle in, but, for whatever reason, it never hurt when i inserted it into my stomack area. so for years i stayed in the same location, until my doctor saw all the little pin prick dots on my belly from over-usage. he suggested my hips, but i had a hard time twisting my body around to inject. i tried my thigh; didnt work. went bk 2 tummy, despite the scar tissue. THEN: i went on this very forem and was encouraged to try my tushy. i thought it would never work b/c i (like you) wear tight took a while to figure out the best spots b/c whenever i pulled up my pants , i would jerk the infusion set right off. BUT: after some trial and error, i have managed to find some great sites, and b/c there is more body fat in the butt, it doesnt hurt one bit.

when i sleep, i wear my hubby's boxers and clip the pump onto the wasitband. easy as pie.good luck. dont be afraid to try somethign new. it seems that when it comes to the pump, there is an endless supply of trial and error.

I understand the problem with catching in things, so if my clothes are fitted I usually clip it on with the screen facing me (so the clip is hanging on the outside)i only fried my pump once. THis summer I did that while mowing the lawn an a hot hot day.
Sometimes I wear a thin tank or camisole so the pump doesn't touch my skin