Where to wear a pump at night?

I know everyone on a pump has to decide this and I may have to too (hopefully) but where does everyone wear or do with their pump at night, I’ve heard put under the pillow, leave it to find a place or buy a waste holder (haven’t found one on the net yet) any suggestions, advice would be welcomed …

i just lay it beside me…i have tried pockets but find i twist and turn too much…i use the 23 inch line…sometimes the pump gets stuck under a pillow or wrapped around me a little, but i never feel overly tangled or annoyed. it has never pulled out while sleeping.

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I keep it clipped to the elastic on my Fruit Of The Looms…after a while you get used to it being there and sometimes my hand just moves it for me as I sleep.

for me, the waist thing was a waste of money…I tried to use it a few times after I started pumping but found it to be VERY uncomfortable. Its now found a home in one of my many diabetes junk drawers.

I have found that the pump is just fine in bed with me. I sleep on my side and normally hug a pillow so I just stick it under that pillow.

I use the 43 inch tubing so that even if it does get twisted around me, or end up on the floor like it did last night, it won’t pull.

: )

I wear shorts to bed and I just clip it to the waste band. I sleep right on top of it and never really notice it. When I first started wearing it I was concerned about sleeping with it, now I don’t even think about it.