It could only last so long!

Well, I think this past month ,with overall good numbers, has ended. Yes- we have hit a wall. Olivia has been running high the last few days. Last night we checked her and she was 136 at midnight, but this morning she was 222. Why would this be happening? The last few days she has started her day in the mid 200s. That sucks! We have contacted the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to see what the adjustment would be and we have not received a call back yet. Why is it that I was given an email to speed up the response time (which worked well in the beginning), yet it still takes a few days to get an answer. Meanwhile, Olivia hovers in the 200s! It’s so frustrating. How many of you parents of a type 1 child make your own adjustments of insulin doses? How do you know if it’s the longer acting insulin that needs increasing and not the fast acting insulin? It’s all so mind boggling to me. She is so small that a 1/2 unit can make a big difference. I’m afraid and I’ve been getting pretty emotional the last few days.

We have a 4yo that has type 1. We had a similar issues last month with the nightly numbers climbing. At the time our long term (Lantus) was at .5U. We do use the nighttime numbers as an indicator of the long term dose. We target the number staying the same from bedtime to morning. We ended up at 2U of Lantus to get it to level out. We did validate this adjustsment with University of Michigan Hospital. This has been working for us for a couple weeks now. Next month will likely be a different battle.