Clean my soul with a feather

This is my 4th attempt this morning to write a blog,what an awful name blog,why not well I cannot think of anything can you to call a blog,answers please,on what you think it should be called,could not even find a definition in my Chambers super mini dictionary.

Very cold night again 15 below in some places so it was pretty bad for some folks,I woke up at 5am thanks to smudge puring in my ear she has my brain well trained because I always wake up it is such a comforting sound the purrrrrrrrrring of a cat now Ben would have just liked my face and barked if I did not wake up,to cut a long tail short I got my dressing gowned on, found my slippers in the dark putting the left one on the right foot did the same with the other foot and managed to get downstairs on my step by stem on my bum to let her out.

Opening the back door where smudge was meowing I pulled the door back a little bit and was greeted by a shower of snow which blew of our gazebo straight into my face,they say a picture is worth more than a thousand words, well I had a few not printable here for sensitive ears and the worst of it smudge got a bit of snow on her head turned around and scarpered back to bed,I ask you is this any life for a lighthouse keeper.

Time for my trusty companion Victoza to go to work and do it's stuff here goes,why does the manufacturer develop a pen that when you have injected yourself the needle retracts I am forever pricking myself trying to get the needle back into its safety holder,just a thought.

Smudge is sitting on the window sill cleaning herself looking now and then out of the window watching the birds,wonder what is going through her mind do cats think? or is it just a natural in built thing to do,so many questions for a brainless box like mine.

Laid the pills out in front of me 10 to swallow talking about swallows you do not see many of them these days wonder why that is another question left unanswered,well just lost half a page of scribblings never mind,more important things in life to worry about,the weather is due to get worse so keeping warm is a priority for me even if my legs and toes still feel cold my nose is not cold at the moment,have to check blood sugars and make sure I take insulin before 9am with some toast and a warming cuppa tea,have to sort out my medication into weekly/daily doses and put them in my containers marked morning lunch tea and supper not a task to be done lightyl mistakes can be dangerous with so many pills so for now keep warm eep safe keep Tudiabetes alive and kicking.