It was an experiment, not a cheat!

Well I was craving pancakes today. and biscuits. So i had a tim’s sausage
biscuit, and then an hour later a pancake and a half. With syrup!

Tested 2 hrs later, expected the bad. And bad there was. 8.9 (159)! Tested a couple hours later, and we have the
lowest reading I’ve seen in a while - 4.2 (76).

So I think I’ve figured something out. Okay, my liver is insulin resistant. It does not stop producing sugar when I eat. It needs a lot
more insulin than an average person does to stop dumping sugar into my

I havn’t been having high enough blood sugars (and there for high enough insulin levels) to turn it off. So
I stay at a steady level all the time.

Today, it was high enough to turn off. So I got the low end of the scale.

I wonder if I can figure out some how what level I need to hit to
stop glucose production for a while? I think it’s in the 6’s, because when I was
hitting 6’s (108+) regularly, I was in the low fours a lot more too.


Ah well, now i can say those pancakes were not a loss of will power but a necessary scientific experiment!


Here’s a pancake recipe you can enjoy without spikes. The pancakes this recipe makes taste good enough that my nondiabetic family members like them.