It will be my wife's job

"You need to do a site change."

My son replied, "I can't do it by myself. Its in my arm. I can only do leg sites."

I asked him when this happened. He used to do almost all of site changes except the one arm that he couldn't reach. "What are you going to do when you leave home?".....

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pretty funny, how old is your son? oh so typical for the boy/man to assume, mama/wife is going to handle it all! since my son was a newborn i have been talking to him about what a good husband he will make, so far so good but for now i will keep him all to myself, at 14 i'm still # 1 but he would never admit it! best of luck with your boy! amy

Thanks! He is 15...this is the first mention of a woman in his life other than Mom :o

My wife has touched exactly zero syringes and/ or infusion sets in the 20+ years I've known her. I'm not exactly shy about having diabetes but I'm not sure I'd count on picking up ladies with it either?

ha ha AR some girls are pretty empathetic, i've heard other moms here say their D boys are chick magnets! jacob plays his cards close to himself so none yet. although i want him to own his diabetes and be very self sufficient i am hoping someday a girlfriend or wife down the long road will be his best advocate replacing me! barb, how long has your son had D for it sounds like he is handling himself well, is he pretty out about things with his friends? looking for more independence? suddenly jacob wants to be all solo with his D i'm glad he feels that way but i also want him to know he still has 4 years home with me and i am glad to help, honestly is he always going to remember to bolus especially 15 minutes before eating which we try to do, of course he would remember right before he puts food in his mouth but to pre bolus i would rather just be his "alarm" clock for now without be perceived as a pest! best wishes! amy