Its 4am and i'm bored

its 4am in new jersey, and you’d think all the good little children would be snoozing in their beds waiting for the day, but no! Adriana is still awake and will remain awake until she crashed from the 2 cans of monster she had before. So she sits in her domicile in the quiet little town of Montvale and thinks to her self " I wonder whats going on outside? just outside that window there? a whole world of unseen treasures is right there a few feet from my grasp. Curious, she crawls out of her creaky loft bed and peaks through the blinds of her window. Her eyes shifter back and forth. seeing nothing but the cold, wet winter ground outside she returns to her macbook on her overly-high bed. Just then, she hears a noise at the window. It was a small tap, nothing she cared about. she curled up under her snuggie, about to sign off for the night, but the tapping grows louder and louder. It grows so loud she pops from her bed and peaks out the window again. She jumps back, her heart almost jumping out of her chest, she sees a tall woman, all in white floating just off the ground. Adriana rubes her eyes and opens them wide and pears out again. The woman is still there hovering in mid-air. slowly, Adriana pulls open her window to climb outside to see what she was. sitting clad in her black sweat pants, and a tank top she stares at her. Tilting her head like a curious dog, she slowly goes out to touch her. The woman stood there staring down at her and as soon as Adriana was about to grasp her long, blinding-white dress, the woman spoke. “Stop, do not touch me.” Adriana sat there, mouth hanging open, gazing up at the woman. She finally gathered enough sanity to ask “who are you?” The woman looks at her with a motherly stare, and said in a gentle tone “I am who ever you want me to be”. Struck like a ton of bricks, she gives the woman a confused stare. “what do you mean you are whoever i want you to be?” she inquired. “I am here to help you through this time in your life.” she said in the same way she gave all her other answers, with mystery and leaving Adriana with more questions than before. “so, your like a guardian angel?” Adriana supposed. “No,” the woman said flatly, “a guardian angel is a single solid being, I can be whoever you want as many as you want and when ever you want.” Staring up at the sky, like God had just dropped a box of happiness on her lap, she said “so what’s your name?” She said “i do not have one, who’s ever shape i take, i take their name.” leaving her with more questions, she asked “so if i wanted you to be Jesus, you would turn into Jesus? Or 5 Jesus’s?” The woman rolled her eyes and said yes that’s how it works." “can i give you a name, just for the real you, not whoever you turn into?” Adriana Asked the woman. “if you insist, you may.” She said looking at the floor. “ok,” Adriana said “Hmm, i think i’ll call you Beninga!” The woman chuckled and said “OK, now who do you want me to be?” she said smiling. “wait, one last question, well two actually” adriana said looking upward. “Ok, what are they?” she said with a smile. “Ok, one: can i make you be Jesus one Minuet and then Moses the next?, and two: can other people see you?” she sat there and waited for a response. " For your first question, i can not be a different person or different people, so choose who i am wisely, and for the second question, no only you can see me and those who truly care for you and that you trust, and that you want them to know about me." She said doing her best to answer her questions. “Ok, so if i had a friend who really cared about me and i trusted and i told them about you, they could see you?” she said trying to get every detail down before making a decision. “yes, but becareful, if anyone was to find out about me, anybody bad, things will turn out disasterous.” she headed Adriana. “OK” looking to the sky, she tough about who she wanted beninga to turn into. “Ok, I’ve got it!” Adriana jumped to her feet. “yes dear, who do you want me to be to guide you?” she bent down to see eye-to-eye with her. “i want you to turn into The Beatles!” she said with a smile. “are you sure, they will be the only ones to help you until you no longer need them.” she said looking into Adriana’s eyes as she made the crutial choice. “Yes, I’m sure.” She said sitting back down on her window sill. Then a huge beam of light appeared before her. The woman quickly vanished, and then for a minuet all that was left was a ball of light, hovering in front of her face. slowly rotating around it Adriana gazed into its’ brightness. Then, a huge breeze nearly knocked Adriana off her feet.

TO be continued because i am tired and want to stop writing.

Part 2!
The ball of blinding light begins to swirl. leaning slightly away to block out the light she sat and waited for the transformation to end. the light grew biggger and bigger until she saw the four 20-year-olds she and her friends were obsessed with. she sat on the small roof ouside her window and stared up. “oh. my. god.” she said in a stunned manner, “dude your like the Beatles.” she stood up and John said “uh yea we are” she rubbed her eyes and shook her head “so when exactly do you do?” as she stood up, George said “if you need Help! making a tough choice, we can Help! you decide.” Adriana again, in a stunned state, replied “ha you made a funny. but, so your like my concious sorta.” “well i guess you can say that” ringo said. Adriana squeeled, saying “dude your my favorite!!!” looking at each other, John and george looked back at her and said “hey what about us?” she blushed slightly and rolled her eyes and said “you two are tied for second.” she looked over at Paul “hey you don’t talk much do you, Paul?” Ringo looked at Adriana and said “eh, he never liked going to these things, he’s not here by choice. but he dose chime in every now and then.” Adriana finally stood up and walked over to Paul. “i’m going to get you to talk. You’ll see, oh you’ll see.” the rest of them laughed and then there was an almost awkward silence. “so…” Adriana said breaking the silence “are you guys going to shrink and be like the little cricket in Pinochio and tell me whats right and whats wrong?” “no we just apper when you need Help! making a choice.” George replied. Looking like she was searching her mind for another question, paul spoke…finally. “we can do other stuff too, ya know.” slightly jumping foward she felt pround and said “Ha! i knew i wound get you to talk! so what are these other things you guys can do?” them now looking like they were searching their minds, John said “do you know how to play any instuments?” She quickly replied,“well i play drums, and i just got a guitar for christmas, so yea.” “well in that case,” john told her “we can Help! you learn, and Help! you get better at it” George added, “and like help you with other stuff and whatnot.” sitting on her windowsill, she sat and said “cool. so the lady you guys turned form, said if i really trusted someone and they really cared about me, i could tell them about you right?” George, ringo, John, and Paul; searched each others’ faces and told her “yup.” she stood up and said looking up and the nearly six foot guys " so if i told my two best friends in the entire world, who just happen to be obsessed with you, they could see, and talk to you?" bending down to come down to her eye level, Ringo hesitated and said, “yes” she jummed up again and said “Holy god that’s bitchin’! they again chuckled and said " we like you kid. your cool.” Adriana smiled and then streached out her arms and yawned. “well after all this I am finally tired. come in just walk in through the window. she climbed back into her room, and hopped into her bed. The Beatles climbed in after her. As she went to sleep, they poked around her room, looking at all her stuff (60% of it being Beatles stuff). after inspecting her room, interested, and happy that a 15-year-old girl was obsessed with a band most people her age hadn’t even heard of, they zapped back into the blinding ball of light they zapped into her subconcious, as she spept, awating the Magical Mystery Tour of what would happen tomorrow.”

End of Part two. Intermission. (Part 3 when i can decide what will happen next)

End of intermission. Part 3 the next morning.

Adriana, expecting to hear the annoying buzzing beep sound erupt from her alarm clock to wake her up, she is pleasntly awakened from the sound of the Beatles sitting in a circle with their instuments playing Good Morning, Good Morning softly hoping not to wake her. Slowly rising from her pillow and rubbing the crusty stuff from the corners of her eyes she says “well this is a pleasant way to wake up” “well Good Morning to you too.” Paul said “Ha! i got you to speak again!” she said feeling proud again. “well kid, I’ve got to say, your pretty cool.” Paul yet again speking. “we also like your room” John chimed in, standing up and walking around and pointing out her big poster of them hanging on her cealing. she simled and told them “well you guys ARE the best band ever. It’s been proven.” laughing in aprovale, they all stand and George told her “well you are the only kid your age we have HELPed! in a long time.” she crawled out of her bed and said “thanks” she went to her dresser and took out some clothes, and grabbed her bag of make up and scapered off to the bath room to get ready. After a decent 20 minutes in the bath room she returned to get her back pack (which her friends and her had decorated with Beatles things) and head downstairs. When she walked in she saw them, yet again poking about her room Ringo particularly facinated with her pyramid of monster cans. george turns around and asked her about the pink floyd ■■■■ she was wearing “what band is that on your shirt?” looking down and inspecting her shirt she awsnered “pink floyd” John turns around and notes her shirt as well. “well if we’re your favorite band then why are you wearing that?” she looks up from her shirt and simply state “well all five of my Beatles shirts are being washed.” They all smile and Ringo says you must be a very devouted fan" she looks up at him and says “well yes me and my best friends are HUGE fans. realizing she had been talking to them for a while, she heard a honk coming from her drive way, her carpool was here. “oh crap i gotta go!” as she scooped up her things and ran. Again, the Beatles turned back into the ball of light, and zoomed into her head. she jumped back a little as they jumped into her head. she shook her head trying to gather her balance. she ran out the door yelling “bye mom” and ran out to her friend’s car. she climbed into the back seat of her friend’s pick up truck. “hello Adriana” Her friend Delia’s dad, Adam, said as he did every morning. “hi Adam” she looked over to her best friend Shley (short for Ashley) and then to her friend Delia, sitting in the front seat. she looked back at Shley and said “dude what do you have 4th period?” “um i have my stupid class” then she looked at Delia, and said well we have lunch, so meet us in the count yard at the begining of 4th” Delia looked at her and said “why i don’t want to waste time, when i should be eating.” Adriana rolled her eyes and said “oh trust me, you’ll want to see this.” In her head she heard the Beatles going on about how she was going to tell her friends about them. She slapped the side of her head with her palm signaling them to keep it quiet. Delia and Shley looked at her like she was crazy. she looked back at them with a stupid look on her face, which quickly turned into a smile. “why did you just do that?” Shley asked. “oh i just have a head ache, Nick was up all night watching Digimon or whatever.” her friends started laughing and Adriana soon joined in. As they pulled into the parking lot of her high school, her and her friends waved at everyone’s favorite school janitor, Joe. as they pulled up to the front door and hopped out, she had no idea what she was in for today.

End of Part 3. Intermission part 2.

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