Yes/No Question

Lets see what is common between us all

Ask a Yes/No question and answer the one before it

My questions:

Are you listening to music right now?

Yes, a long walk in Euroflora…
(Happy to read you again, Linda :slight_smile:

You are waiting for your children/grandchildren


was there yesterday, but will likely visit again tomorrow, as our daughter is flying to New Brunswick (Atlantic Province) with our littlest grandson on Tuesday to visit a friend. She will be gone a whole week…and I shall try VERY hard to not be worried!

You are involved in some sort of pagentry either today or sometime this week!

(Thanks for the comment Papo!)


The next person is watching it rain today.

No, it rarely rains in Las Vegas. However, it has been windy for too long.

You need a haircut.

Yep. How did yo know???

You need to go to the store.

No, I’m going to have dinner :wink:

You’re dreaming for a sunny day.

Yes, even though I’ll be indoors most of the day…it’s raining today!

You bought educational games and toys yesterday

No. Food, cards and clothes.

You had someone elses shingles blown into your yard this week due to the windstorm.

No, just a little dust and some papers and plastic from some neighbors garbage. It’s difficult to say how far it traveled.

Tomorrow’s forecast is great, compared to today.

No…I just checked! Rain Monday & Tuesday. Great Wed. & Thurs. tough!! :slight_smile:

You wore sandals yesterday!!!

No, sneakers are better for a long walk ( about 7 hours trough a wonderful flower exhibition )

You are going to have dinner not at your home.

Nope, I stayed home and just finished a bowl of soup.

You have tried Weight Watchers diet.


you like watching House on TV

No, I’ve never watched House.

You listen to jazz.

I used to listen to jazz.

You recently drove for at least 10 hours. (And I’m wondering why I’m still sore in places that shouldn’t be related to driving a car…)

yes, even if I don’t know it so well (and it’s not my preferred…)

You prefer listen to the radio rather than watching tv


You like apples

Ha ha Doris D and pinky were faster than me. :slight_smile:
I answered flipper’s question on jazz…LOL

Anyway, I like apples very much, no drive today and my y/n question is still valid:

The next one prefers to listen to the radio rather than watching television

No, I prefer TV. However, when I’m in my car I listen to radio and when I tire of TV I switch to on my computer and get great music in the genre I like.

You have had pizza within the last 2 weeks.