It's amazing

I had written in a previous blog post about my therapist blowing off me talking about my diabetes. I talked with him yesterday about it and he said he didn't mean to make me feel that way at all. We can talk about it. He may not understand, but he is willing to listen and do what he can to help me. That made me feel really good. It's always hard talking to someone who does not have diabetes about diabetes, but I at least have some hope that I can talk about it and get some constructive feedback and then there is always the "home base" here.

For the first time in my life, I feel like I may have the support that I need to deal with this.

oh Michelle, this is a big step forward. sending you some good hugs.

excellent news!

Good news -- happy discovering to both of you!

I'm glad he came around and it was good for you to confront that dismissiveness. Good for you.

Wonderful!!! :)

Take a bow for discussing this with him!