First A1c on my pump!

My A1C went from a 12.5 to a 7.2 in just 2 1/2 months on the pump! So excited! Can only get better from here! I love my pump and did not know what I did without it. Oh wait yes I remember I felt like crap all the time not on the pump! Now I have energy to do things! :slight_smile:

WOW!!! Congratulations Christie! I am so happy for you! Hopefully you feel better both physically and mentally. I can appreciate your accomplishment - good for you!!! (I’m excited for you too!) I so know what you mean about life on the pump as opposed to without it. I’d never go back! (I’ve been pumping for … I think it’s 9 years now.)

Congratulations! Great :slight_smile:

That is so excellent Christie…congratulations!




Wonderful! So encouraging to see progress & feel better. Kudos to you!

That’s fantastic!

That’s what I’m hoping for too, my last one in November was 8.0 and I started pumping on Monday. I know the upcoming A1C won’t make a huge drop as I’ll have only been pumping for 3 weeks but I’ll take what I can get!

Congrats! It’s awesome!!!

Congrats on the great A1C, keep up the great work.

Really good Christie, you’ll get under 7 in no time!!!

Medtronic Paradigm 722! I love my pump I don’t know what I would do without it now!

Thanks for the post Christie. This is so encouraging! I pumped for 5 years and didn’t take it seriously. I went for 1.5 years without and now I have been back on for a little over a month. This time I’m ready, focused, and motivated so I am hoping to see some good improvements within the next couple of months also. I’m obsessed with my diabetes now (in a good way). Keep up the great work!

Don’t sell yourself short you have yourself to thank for all your good works. So pat yourself on the back if you can if not have someone else do it:).

>sounds like the pump is the way to go …my boy is 15 and we always have his and lows’’‘no matter how careful we are…all in all… a 24-7 job…way to go girl’’ we are not covered by insurance…big price tag…but we keep on goin…

nice a1c…Brandons mom…

Thats fantastic. good work. Im in the same boat as you, although my A1C was a 7.7 and now it is a 7.2. I have a bit more basal rate tweaking to do, and I need to figure weekends out, but things are looking up for once. Congrats!


thats amazing. congratulations christie!! :slight_smile:

Wonderful news! good job!

Good for you Christie! Keep up the good work!