Its been awhile. and life just keeps knocking me!

alllright…so lemme give a rundown of my life as of late:

  1. I turn 21 next week!
  2. I still can’t eat birthday cake : (
  3. I moved and dont have an Endo team anymore and my numbers are Out Of Control! : ((
  4. Im going to get an A1c tomorrow…its been a year. oops?
  5. My health insurance ends on my birthday. fantastic
  6. Since i last wrote on here, i got into a relationship, got out of said relationship, and decided my ex was a very large DB, and that i was being used/played. never thought I’d see the day. But alas, makes me a better person…right?
  7. Spending my entire summer in florida (im going stircrazy)…apparently my town is devoid of under-50 life.
  8. i CANNOT find a summer job for the life of me
  9. im complaining alot…meh
  10. I want to start drinking now that i will be legal (nothing crazy, just some here and there) but I dont know how to account for alcohol with my BG or bolusing or counting carbs. i drank a few times when i was on shots but that was SOOO long ago i dont even remember HOW i did it!

life is quite messy lately. i wish i had some organization.

in the mean time i just cleaned my room and organized everything. gotta control some things right?

anywhooo…in other news, I started to make my own hair falls…which is pretty cool. Made 2 new shirts and I started working on another altered book. go art! hah. im sucha dork.

Love your art darling -yes life is a ■■■■■ at times, but that’s what keeps it interesting right? That’s when I do some volunteer work and recognize how lucky I am to be alive or I commune with nature and see pure joy in the world. If I really need a pick me up I go watch little kids and reflect how they love everything!!! Smile it can be habit forming. Mike