Blah! Blah! Blah!

I am currently at war. I am at war with the blahs. Do you know what I mean? For some reason I cant get myself to be motivated about anything. If I didnt know myself better I might actually call this depression, but in truth I know that this is just another bout of laziness! You see I have recently had a major change in my daily schedule. I am what is called a seasonal employee at my job for the IRS. Dont hate me because I work for the government! Anyways I love my job, and a big part of that is because I get a nice long break between seasons. I am now in that part of the year when I am on a very long ‘vacation’. The main problem is that once the season is over I kind of flounder around for awhile trying to figure out what to do with myself.
This year I feel a little more pressure, since I have a few more things that I need to focus on. The main thing being taking control of my diabetes and health. Maybe if I make myself a list than that will motivate me. Ok so here goes!

Kathryn’s Super Long To Do List

  1. Clean my apartment completely (and I do mean the entire apartment)
  2. Call my endo for my phone appointment (should have done this a couple of weeks ago)
  3. Go get blood work (a1c was due at beginning of June)
  4. Start Exercizing
  • swimming, biking, strength training
  1. Start eating better (no more fast food)
  • start cooking at home
  1. Get myself back to a regular schedule (no more sleeping late and going to bed really late)

Ok so there is only 6 listings on my super long list but I swear that these are really big things for me. With the exception of No. 1 all the things on my list are diabetes related. It would seem that I have really neglected my diabetes but I tell you that is not the truth. I just havent given it the focus and attention it deserves. ‘it’ being my health I mean. I really dont want people to think that I want to let my diabetes run my life but I really feel that I need to focus myself on it until I feel that I know it back and forth and only then will I be able to take over my life again. Ok well I am going to go give myself a swift kick in the ■■■! Hopefully it will be enough to kick me straight out of the BLAHS!