IV Prep issues?

I have been using a pump for eight years and have used IV Prep continuously except for the few months it was recalled and not available a year or two ago.

Over the past couple of months, I find that my Silhouette infusion sets stick tons more than they used to and often leave red marks when I pull them off. I’ve never had problems with infusions sets not sticking for the three days I wear them. But I’ve also never had any problems getting them off after three days. Right now I often find that I am ripping them off my skin and they really don’t want to come off.

On my last two infusion sets I just used regular alcohol wipes instead of IV Prep. They came off easily and what I call normally after three days. So I really don’t think it is a change in the infusion sets adhesive. I haven’t changed soaps or lotions, so I wonder if IV Prep has changed.

Is this happening with anyone else or is it just weird me?

Just like everything else, your skin & mine may react differently to the same treatment.
I have extremely sensitive skin, so never use alcohol wipes on either my pump sites or on my fingers. I have never used the IV preps in the over 20 years with a pump and have no problem with it sticking even in the summer. I know this is not true for everyone however. I'd suggest not using anything for a time or two to see what happens... also to let your skin heal itself.

Funny thing is that on me the IV preps prevent the sets from sticking and they fall off.
I use skintac adhesive instead and it stays on.

Uf you grab the very edge of the set and peel it off instead of yanking it off, you might have an easier time. Either that or just run around the block and break a sweat and it will likely fall off before you get back home.

Also if you use a tiny dot of neosporin at the end of the needle, It will reduce the inflammation of the actual insertion site. I don't get red spots anymore using neosporin, although I orig started using it to prevent infections.