JB here!

I thought why not write to my friends! Haven’t been there for some time . So here it is.

First the diabetes thingy! I have been able to get may diabetes control back or almost so.

Y’al know all about control…good today bad tomorrow but I have a
bit more of control anyway. Still have to reduce my insulin taking up
to almost half. Why? Search me!

Now my bad news. My first attempt at a painting ended in a unmitigated disaster.

It seems that 5 years away from painting did me in! Will have to start
with the basics again before getting to the paintings I like to do. You
know, a horse, a man, a mountain etc. Then a man on a horse than both
on a mountain…Wow what a nonsense! No, color mixing is first!

I must say being away from my friends is not pleasant! I type this on
the sly, you all know how afraid I am for Johanna catching me on the
puter. One day I will tell you why I’m so afraid. May not get anything
to eat tonite!

Oh boy here she is. She can’t read it she says, letters too small, lucky me!

So now you know what the situation is. Back to color mixing…

JOHNBEN. All mixed up!

Well, so many things have happened to me since my last siggie.
Soon be 50 years on the needle. Soon be 20 years catherterizing
my bladder who threw in the towel because of neuropathy.
Soon be 80 years young. Had a stroke and small heart attack.
Have glaucoma on both eyes.


But not a friend in 20 hours, wouldn’t that get your goat if you had a goat to get?

JOHNBEN. Friendless.

So painting isn’t like riding a bike? I wouldn’t know!

I don’t get on the computer on the sly, but I occasionally eat on the sly (I’m not diabetic, my husband is). Sometimes I think it’s probably easier for him if he doesn’t have to see me eating something that would shoot his BG through the roof.

Thank you Cason, you are a Princes!