Jeopardy champion is wearing a pod

Just saw Jeopardy and woman on the left Kendra is wearing a pod on the. Back of her left arm. Although no one has mentioned it. I definitely saw it.
So there is a jeopardy champion who is a diabetic
And she won again. Insulin is clearly brain food


I watch Jeopardy most nights and don’t remember her. I guess insulin doesn’t help memory.

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I saw it tonight! She definitely had something on the back of her left arm. Made me happy to see her wearing it proudly. I also saw a rerun last week of Family Feud, and a woman also had a pod on her arm. Mine is a dexcom G6 hiding on my tummy, but I love seeing others like me out in the world.

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I just saw that, unfortunately she was defeated this evening 12-11-2020

She wore it out there all 3 nights so I think it must have been on purpose. She is also a dietitian.
She lost tho this time. She must have been running low.

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Remember Jeopardy! films multiple episodes in one days (I think up to four?). So an extended stay with Jeopardy! could have been filmed in one day.

I wish she would have confirmed if she was a type 1 diabetic or not. Just like I feel like Joe Jonas only uses his diabetes for monetary gain (not discussing it during his “what I do in a day” or “things I cannot live without” interviews).

I understand if people do not want to be labeled as the “diabetic Jeopardy! champion” or “diabetic celebrity” but to say you wake up and not check your BGs first thing in the morning as a type one diabetic is just a ■■■■■■■ lie and does not help to bring awareness to the struggles of our disease.

I remember someone telling me I checked my BGs to much only for her husband to fall into a diabetic coma (he suffered from type 2). Like, can people explain to the mass majorities who have family members with type 2 that it really is not the same disease?