Big Bang Theory

Anyone watch the Big Bang Theory last night? Seems like insulin pumps are getting more attention these days!!!

Sportster - I didn't see this show. I just googled and found that it's actually a TV situation comedy. I know, I'm showing my cultural ignorance. I don't own a TV but do watch some things online.

Perhaps you could add some details and context to broaden the discussion.

Ok, well here it goes. Spoiler alert if someone hasn't seen it yet. Penny, who previously worked as a waitress at a Cheese Cake Factory was applying for a job in Pharmaceutical sales. At the interview she was asked about her qualifications. She replied, I once sold cheese cake to someone using an insulin pump. The interviewer said, I'm on an insulin pump.
That was the extent of it.

These kind of things in the pop culture are important. It exposes a large number of people to technology to which they have no exposure. It's better for everyone that people at least have a passing familiarity with what an insulin pump is and what it does.

Situation comedies are seen by so many people, I'd like to think that the writers see at least some opportunity to use this stage sometimes for more than entertainment. Good for the Big Bang Theory writing staff!

That's exactly what I thought! I also think Miss Idaho wearing her insulin pump for the Miss America Pageant had a huge impact on making more people aware of pumps.

I need to watch The Big Bang Theory now. It is my favorite show, but I had bio labs until very late last night (yay, nursing school).

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the interviewer will become a recurrent side character, and there's an episode where Sheldon has to inject glucagon into that person... and spends too much time discussing the physiology behind glucagon and the pancreas instead of saving the person. At least then, it might also teach people how to treat severe hypoglycemia.

Having the Interviewer become a recurrent character crossed my mind when I was watching the show. Like you said, lets keep our fingers crossed. The Big Bang Theory has a large audience and could raise awareness for Diabetes. I'm just praying they do it justice if they decide to continue with the subject and not add to the confusion.

Oh, and good for you for being in nursing school!!!! That's a big accomplishment!!!

Well if you like fat jokes it was kind of funny. It essentially went like this Penny was interviewing for a job and responded to a question this way. “As a waitress I convinced a lot of very large customers who should not be eating cheesecake to have more cheesecake. One of those chubsters even had an insulin pump.”

Oh wow, I didn't hear that! I was falling asleep while watching. And, actually I don't like fat jokes. I'm not even fat myself and never have been.

Whoah, didn't know the new season had started. I love that show. I'll check it out tonight!

These kind of things in the pop culture are important. It exposes a large number of people to technology to which they have no exposure.
I agree.

I haven't seen it yet (gonna watch it tonight), but I also think they should have worked some humor in to it. A really good joke will make it memorable, and then people will truly gain some awareness of what an insulin pump is.

Of course, there are all sorts of bad jokes that we all would be horrified and/or upset if they had made them. OTOH, there are plenty of quite tasteful and funny things they could have done too.

Oh boy, read this just after posting right above it.

Sounds like they blew it, and made a bad joke, rather than a constructive one.

I'm thinking something a long the lines of working on one's transformation into Data from Star Trek or something.

How 'bout a bunch of us write the show and offer these suggestions?

I don't really care about the chubster comment as I am a long term T1 and have been overweight, no matter what I do to try to control it.

I was sorry about the weight comment, as it was misinformed and based on bad research (Sheldon would be appalled,) but always glad when anyone makes reference to an insulin pump.

My dentist asked me how it works today. He thought that the pump precluded the use of injections. After my 50+ years, I assured him that was not the case.

Oh, and I love Big Bang.....

I'm so far behind on BBT. I love the show, though! I was going to say "can't wait to see this episode" but then read the above comments (well, the ones without spoilers) so now I'm not so sure.

I heard about this on another site, but it didn’t include the Cheesecake Factory reference. I adore Cheesecake Factory, and they have a low carb cheesecake that is very good. And great salads. Who’d have thought you could do lo carb at the Cheesecake Factory?

Just watched. I'm so bummed because BBT is one of my faves, but they used the insulin pump reference as a form of fat-shaming. Not cool.

Oh for cryin' out loud....BBT is a comedy show that pushes the envelope ALL the time. I thought it was funny, but then I love the Cheesecake Factory which was founded in Beverly Hills so fits perfectly in the BBT picture.

Wow! You clearly feel very strongly about it. Just stating my own take.