JOHNBEN from far ago!

Really, I was not under the impression that anyone would miss me. Then I found out that a lady was doing a lot to find me back, even through Google, you know that thing don’t you? This lady’s name is Nel. Does that ring a bell? Maybe Nell? How about Nelly or Nellie?

As a catch up I’m still diabetic and soon it will be 50 years, after which I will go for the Gold medal of ?
Getting too old to remember the name, but I’m sure when I sit on it for a few days I will remember, as another “after all”, in two months I will be 80 years on this world. Would be long enough for anyone but I may have to hang around a bit longer! LOL.

My wife is still with me, in one more year it will be 60 years. She didn’t leave me for a newer issue!
In the mean time I added some problems to my problem list. One is Age related macular degeneration,
the type where after the next 20 years, both my eyes will fall out! LOL. Another dandy is Glaucoma.
Still don’t need glasses to drive my Cadillac or is it a Ford Taurus 1995, not sure on this! It has 66000 KM on it. ( times .6 I believe to find the miles.) I walk a lot…LOL. My HGA1C is 5.9 without even trying… No, Johanna my BOSS keeps me on the straight and narrow.
Hope you all had a good X-mas and even better New Year. 2 weeks before X-mas the family did all come to the oldies house and boy was a glad when they finally all went home, I’m not anti-social but I just like it best with just the two of us. How is it possible having only 2 sons that we end up with 16 people at X-mas. They must be all a lot more active than we ever were.

Well, I feel I did update you all and are still looking for our Nell.

JOHNBEN or JB, or whatever you like! BTW My Hunger Winter Story 1944-45 was in a paper that goes all around the world. Im famous now! Still poor though.

Famous John.

This discussion describes exactly, why I like to see you back here . We all can learn from YOU and the BOSS …thanks to Richard , the Johnben from far ago is back !! I also visited Canada411 .Yes you are famous and well known …you seem to be the only John , where you live ( but I did not call you !) …
This is Nel ( really Petronella W. ) here .I am a subscriber of de krant and read your story of winter 1944.
So please stay a while , now that you are back .Grateful for your posting and letting us know, how you are .
Will chat before your 80 th , no doubt. Groetjes.

Glad to know you still with us. Thanks Nel for digging him up lol. Not too many of us veterans around…good to see you Johnben.

Welcome, back!

Can you post a link to your famous story?

Well, I thank you 4 for your replies. Nel guess what the Angel who’s job it is to look after me ? Her name is Petronella! Every night she sits on the side of my bed at exactly 3 AM to wake me. to catherterize my bladder who quit on me 20 years ago.5 times per 24 hours. We talk very softly not to wake up Johanna, she can be jealous you know!

Gerri, I could blog it on here but there would have to be a number more of interested people. It is a big story!
Thanks for your reply.

Hello Betty, how nice to welcome me!

Danny, I know you for a long time, thanks for the welcome.