Joslin Medalists Meeting/ Kerri Sparling's Video

My wife and I attended the Joslin Medalist Meet-up in Boston on June 4. It was very enjoyable and informative. There were approximately 120 Medalists there, all of whom have been T1 for 50 years or more. One man there has been T1 for 84 years, and is 90 years old. I have been T1 for only 65 years, so I felt humble in his presence. We learned many things when the Joslin Type 1 Study was updated. I will be preparing a blog of sorts about that at a later time.

I met many wonderful people and made new friends. Two of the medalists had bought my book and had me sign it for them. I felt honored to do that for my friend Tom, who has been T1 for three years longer than me.

Kerri Sparling was there, even though she has been T 1 for only 25 years. Kerri is a very well known personality online, and has been very active and helpful to diabetics in so many ways. I really admire her and am happy that she was at Joslin to make this video:

“2 miracle drugs, insulin and a sense of humor” LOL! Thanks for the video Richard!

I agree with you on the two miracle drugs. I have been thriving off both of them for 65 years. There are also the three G’s for the Joslin Medalists: Good control, Good genes, and Good luck. Lol!

Truly inspiring. Richard, thanks for posting this.

Richard, any plans for a Nook edition of your book?


Great video! Thanks for posting, and I’m glad that it was an enjoyable weekend. :slight_smile:


Hello Helmut, I tried the Barnes and Noble site and the Nook, but got hung up trying to get everything up and running. My computer know-how is sorely lacking. Sometimes I think it was a miracle that I managed to get my book published on amazon and Kindle. Lol!

Someone tells me you can read a Kindle book on Nook, or was it the other way around? I cannot recall.

I wrote to the Nook team, but they were of no help. It took weeks for them to reply. I am small potatoes…woops!

Thanks, Richard. I googled ‘Reading Kindle books on Nook’. Sounds like I would need to root the Nook and then download the Android Kindle app. I am getting the new Nook. This will be an interesting experiment. If all fails I can read your book on my wife’s iPad.

Hi Richard: :slight_smile:

I’m just imagining how interesting and Cool(and Loud) that the Medalist Meet-up was. Thanks for adding Kerri’s video. It helps a lot. Why are you not in the video?? Fantastic meeting so many 50-Year( and over) Medalists. I’m Glad that you have some new D-Friends. I enjoyed seeing some of them on the video. They look like “Normal” Boomers. LOL!

I agree also with,

“2 miracle drugs, insulin and a sense of humor” for sure. I’d have to include “the meter” now though. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to read your blog to see what’s Up and New.

The “blog” is just up and running tonight, it is in the type 1 forum.

I didn’t know that Kerri was there until we were leaving, and didn’t know anyone was doing interviews for a video. I was surprised and pleased when I got home and found a video on Facebook.