Juice and waffles are back in my breakfast lineup

Thanks to Ocean Spray, I am enjoying juice every morning. Their line of diet drinks include cranberry, blueberry, crangrape, cranlime(my favorite), for only2g carb per 8 oz serving. These drinks are not really juice, but for me they are a good substitute. I am also enjoying waffles these days using almond flour and they aren't bad. Served them to my family,without complaint, although they used real maple syrup to enhance the taste. Lots of waffle recipes are on line by googling. One other great substitute is the chocolate almond milk that I use to make hot chocolate, a bit of sugar substitute added. I would love to read about your substitutions that satisfy your food desires without sending blood sugar into orbit.

I eat a square of unsweetened baking chocolate when I want chocolate. Scharffenberger is the best. I never liked sweet stuff much, so I don't miss any of that. But chocolate is a necessity.