Jurassic World and popcorn, or everyone is eating something except me


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for the thoughts. I did a food test on popcorn - I can eat it! I haven’t been back to the movies, but I am less panicked.

Sorry it took so long to respond, but I have been traveling with my daughter doing the college visit thing. Lots of driving.



Hey Laurel, even i am type 2 i couldn’t resist my love for sweets. In debt, i like natural sugars and i still don’t compromise on coke and popcorn while watching movie


Obviously everyone is very different, so you should always adjust advice to your personal scenario. I have type 1 and use an insulin pump, and when I go to the movies, I love the popcorn as well, but it would always make my blood sugar go up. It sounds like suicide, but I would usually enter about 135 carbs (in my insulin pump) for the popcorn, and after a little tweaking (sometimes doing it 1/2 hour or so before the movie so it could start working) I got it to work and bring me back down not long after the movie. Do you use an insulin pump? Do you use CGM? One thing that could be useful for you in figuring out what to do is knowing how high do you go during the movie, how long does it take to get that high, how much does it come down depending on what extra insulin you do? It took me a year or so before I managed to perfect my movie procedure, and don’t worry too much if your answer doesn’t bring it all the way down, you can always do a little extra afterwards. It’s just a trial & error process.


@Laurel1, avoid insulin as much as possible… You’re doing amazingly well with your diet in keeping your carb count controlled and dropping weight. I’m very impressed! Keep up the awesome work!
I take my own snacks with me to the movies. Instead of eating before, take your healthy veggies with you so you’re crunching along with everyone else :slightly_smiling_face:


Me too bro And I agree with you Coke and Popcorn are a great combo and provides the best movies as well