Jurassic World and popcorn, or everyone is eating something except me


Hi everyone,

I am fairly new here. I was diagnosed Type 2 in April. Got very serious, lost 20 pounds in 10 weeks by going LC, moderate P and F, (average of 80 net carbs a day). Dropped my A1c from 6.7 to 6.0 in 2 months. My doctor is thrilled.

After eating only things I prepare myself, recording my foods every day, and wearing the Freestyle Libre to really keep a good eye on my numbers, I thought I was ready for the big time - the movies. I ate my healthy veggies before going, reminded myself of my big goals, repeated my mantra (I don’t need to eat to enjoy the movie).


From every corner of the room, all I could hear was the sounds of popcorn and carbs being eating. If the people stopped crunching, the dinosaurs started crunching.

I love movie popcorn and candy - my well meaning dad ate what happens to be MY favorite candy while I just sipped my water.

How do you do get over the popcorn obsession? This was a serious trigger for me and I was unprepared.

Any ideas? How do you cope? Does it get better with more time?

Thank you for any ideas.



Celery sticks and cream cheese…
Cucumber slices, sesame seeds and Ponzu sauce…
A small bowl of nuts…

Good luck


Just had this conversation over the weekend. My husband and I usually share a diet coke. But even that can be dangerous, if they pour it wrong or the tanks get mixed.

On occasion, ill pump a little insulin and eat some popcorn…always with butter. Go big or go home.

My normal carbs per day are 30-40.


If you were on insulin I would say shoot the juice and eat the popcorn. I love movie popcorn (extra salt please).


Mmm…Well, we are all different. I’m T2 diet and exercise only for about 11 years…Popcorn with a ton of butter and a sprinkle of salt is my main “salt treat”…It gives me no major spike unless I were to eat a huge bowl all by myself and I have no desire for that anymore…

I don’t consider sweet treats a problem anymore—there are many sources now of sweet treat recipes using sugar substitutes and almond flour, for instance. I even found/evolved a super rich cheesecake recipe using ground pecans and butter for the crust…


HI Robert,

Thanks for the ideas. I was just so unprepared for the obsessive thoughts. Movie popcorn… hmmmm.

Thank you.



Hi T1Forever,

I like the idea of going big or going home. My nutritionist would agree to allow yourself the treat too.

I wasn’t hungry, but I was obsessive. Sigh.




Hi Jim,

Luckily, I’m not on insulin (yet). Thank you for the support.



Hi Judith in Portland,

I’m currently in Bridgton Maine on vacation if you are in the Portland Maine I know.

I should do a food trial with popcorn. I didn’t even think of that.

I made my nutrition class a low carb cheesecake that everyone thought tasted the same as “regular” cheesecake. I’m just starting to venture into baking substitutions. One thing at a time.

Our food habits are so ingrained.

Thanks for the encouragement. I’m starting to add exercise as well. Glad to know that it can work.

Many thanks for the inspiration and ideas!



Try coffee and an Ande’s mint. Or treat yourself to bit sized snickers. Coffee and chocolate are the best cures I know, just not very much chocolate. Give a little to get a lot.


Hi Rphil,

I like your saying, “give a little to get alot.” I will try a small candy bar, eaten slowly. That should help.

Many thanks,



I know that feeling! Movies to me means snacks :slight_smile:
I ALWAYS bring my own snacks. Own popcorn, measured amount of dark choc, nuts (macadamia as they’re more ‘luxurious’) and very occasionally I simply just eat the popcorn and just make sure I keep an eye on my numbers and get in some exercise after! Yum!


Actually, it is the need for exercise after going out for an evening that keeps me in check. I only have to think of an exercise bike, walking round the block in the dark, etc. and my desire for popcorn or whatever immediately vanishes.


Nuts help with my salty craving. I have no compunction against bringing in my own iced coffee or crystal light drink in a water bottle. For the price of a movie these days I do not feel unethical when the only thing the theatre has to offer is diet soda or water. I can sympathize though, because I agree that the smell of popcorn is something that makes me have a Pavlovian reaction and I want it badly. If a friend is with me I will allow myself one small handful. Just one. I have the taste, but it stops at only one.


It’s amazing how much self control is required to manage this disease. I have been trying the “just a taste” method when I am surrounded by carbs. I’m also trying to eat slower.

I’m going to trial popcorn at home and see what it does.

Thanks for the thoughts.



I am type 2 but with regular dietary management, exercise and the valuable advice here things are under control. The fact is we all have the cravings for sweets and love movies, coke and popcorn.


I get into trouble if I share a tub with my son; I just keep dipping my hand in & eating & eating.
Instead I try to bring a square of chocolate or a few apple slices to the theater, for that moment when the light goes down. A few times a year I decide to have a salad for a pre-movie dinner & get the smallest popcorn possible. And I enjoy it.


I make popcorn and add garlic powder and oregano. Yum.


Popcorn used to be a staple snack at diabetic camp, 3 cups of popped corn is a serving, that’s a fairly large mound on a paper towel. It will be about 1/3 to 1/2 a microwaved bag. It’s approximately 15 carbs. A complex carb as well, so shouldn’t be a big spike in most people, but your diabetes may vary. Do a trial, you might be surprised!


Hi Laurel1,

I also love movie popcorn. What I have found is quite surprising. There is quite a bit of fiber in popcorn and I can eat a medium to large (no butter - just a taste preference) and I do not get a significant spike in blood sugar. I was expecting readings in the neighborhood of 250+, but never actually went above 150. Levels returned below 120 not long after. I’d give it a try and see what happens. If you have a larger spike, you know either not to do it again, or to try less.