Diabetic/ Medical IDs

Okay girls… I have been looking for jewelry that is a medical ID for so long, but I want something decent looking. I know it shouldn’t matter, but if anyone knows of any jewelry makers that design custom, or just nice looking IDs could you let me know!? Thanks so much!

has some pretty ids.

That’s so funny you should ask…I just was looking for one yesterday. There was an article in our local paper about a company that makes bracelets and while I didn’t really like the ones they featured, I found another site called, Laurens Hope, www.laurenshope.com that has some cute bracelets for under $100. Check it out!

I’d love to see your bracelets and bags, I am always looking for a new “shot bag” ! (that’s what I call them) plug away…

I have one of Rikina’s bags. It’s handy and stylish.

I am looking at this


silver, gold or plastic. Allows for a lot of info. $5.00 to update info. I’ve been looking at a lot of these kinds of things lately.

ooh, that is very promising. tthe price is very reasonable.
tacking it on to the other options I am looking into.

laurens hope.com has really cute ones.

I bought the cheapest piece I could find that was all one color (silver)—the medic alert kids bracelet.

Is anyone worried that medical personnel might not notice your medical ID bracelet if it was pretty and looked like a normal bracelet? That’s my concern, if they are in a hurry they may just think your wearing a bracelet and not look for medical info there.

I have. But I figure that its better to wear a pretty medical id consistantly than to go without.
I have also added my hubby as an ICE (In case of emergancy) contact on my cell phone.
EMT’s are supposed to be able to sort through your cell phone and call that ICE number if needed.

I’m still in denial about medical ID jewelry – especially after reading some of the horror stories on DiabetesTalkFest – but I did put my MD and my SO’s #s as ICE entries in my cellphone, plus “diabetes” cellphone wallpaper.

I know some folk have “diabetes” tattooed somewhere an EMT is likely to see it, but I’m sooooo not into tattoos for myself.

Based on what some of the lower-level EMTs are not trained to do (test BG, administer insulin/glucagon), I’m wondering if we need to consider having a “treatment protocol” sheet (I Am Diabetic/Test my BG before administering any medication/Administer sugar/glucagon/insulin if numbers read… ) with notarized permission-to-treat tucked in with our carry-like-it-was-surgically-attached-to-us diabetes supplies…

About a month ago I bought a bracelet from Laurens Hope. It took me quite a while to decide to get it, a bit more expensive than I wanted to pay, but it was soooooo worth every penny! I wanted something simple and classy that would go with everything and that is just what I got. The quality is excellent. I am one highly impressed customer!

The one I purchased is no longer on the website. It is a hammered chain with a little heart charm. The hammered (flat) chain isn’t the most comfortable since I was used to wearing smooth beaded bracelets that I made myself, but it is so pretty I don’t really care. One thing I wish I did get was the rings on the plate making it easier to get on and off.

I purchased a stainless steel bracelet from Sam’s Club for about $50, went to a jeweler and purchased a medical charm, had the back engraved with diabetes and put on a thick ring. So its like a charm bracelet, but not quite as pretty. I couldn’t find anything which would hold up to being worm 24/7 and while I garden and am with my children. I’m hard on jewelry. So far its held up and its been 2 years.

n-styleid.com and laurenshope.com cute stuff!

I have this wonderful medic alert bracelet that looks like jewlery! I found it at the Boston Diabetes Expo!
go to: www.stylemedid.com # is 508-345-0455 I love my bracelet! I get compliments on it too! Which never happen when wearing a medic alert! LOL
It was about $38.00 plus 5% tax! I bought 3! One for my Mom a friend and I!
Check it out and let me know what you think!
Be Well,

i found these on a great diabetic blog site, http://doriafan.com/medbracelet.html
but they are only prototypes, but arent they beautiful i would love to have one.
hope you found something.

I went hunting myself recently for something to put on my shoes when out running and at the gym - these are incredibly reasonably priced and easy to read.


You do have to call them to order, but they take Paypal which is great.

I have to say that I also make beaded jewelry and I make the medical alerts using a sterling sliver plate. I started making the med id’s because I will not wear the ugly ones and I like to have one that matches what I am wearing. I sell my items through word of mouth and different local festivals both near Statesboro & Savannah GA… I do have a seller’s id through ebay and paypal if anyone is interested… I sell them for $45 (includes the med id plate, engraving, & your first beaded bracelet - other beaded bracelets are $10-15 each). I have also done a new bracelet piece for someone who has he plate from Lauren’s Hope. Here’s a pic… thanks for looking!


I bought one from this site a couple of years ago and it is beautiful. I have had so many compliments on it as well. I have the flutterby design:


The medical tag is sold separately, but mine has a blue emblem on it and it really matches well with the bracelet. I was able to custom engrave with emergency contact info and my name as well.