Just heard back about pump

I just talked to the rep its gonna be $400 for the pump and 1st 3 months of supplies it was $1600 but they took $1100 off due to my income tax level so woo hoo and also looks like my 3 months of supplies will be between $80-$100 each time atleast the rest of this year

Yay! Yes, I mention the income discount whenever anyone is talking about getting a pump because I don’t think too many people know about it, and limited income shouldn’t prevent us from getting good diabetes care! Congrats!

yea im excited to actually pay less then most people usually do it makes me feel great to know im saving so much money

Wonderful wonderful news for you! YEAHI

Well, wish things were going that well for me.
I have been told because of my HMO’s relationship with Carecentrix, I have no trade in value ($700) and no financial assistance available toward my copay except to make a payment plan over a couple years.
I dont know where y’all are finding low income financial assistance. Animas told me I couldnt do it because of this HMO situation. My w’2 for last year shows just about nothing, hubby’s as well.
In fact, they have not even as much as offered any type of assistance for low income.
If I am missing something, please let me know.I spent a goodly few hours talking to a lot of rude people (not at Animas) the last few days and am very frustrated.

ask them about making under 38k a year and if you could see if you qualify and would be willing to send them pay stubs and tax return information thats what i had to send for mine

but also i think its only for a year or so but still thats a alot of money in that time

I just asked Minimed about it and they said you have to be unemployed for a year. I’m self employed but not paying myself much because I just cannot afford to do it. No way to unemploy yourself! I dont think we even drew $20k in salary last year.
I asked Animas about it, and they sent me to the supplier they use who said payments stretched out over a year or two are the only way. I have no idea why Animas isnt offering me financial assistance.
I’m just hesistant about getting involved in that, unless it is really something I can afford.
My health insurance for my husband and I is at almost $900 per month…which is huge.
For that, we could almost buy another house!

im not sure im currently working and all maybe you just not talking to the right person are they reps in your area your talking too???

No, they dont know everything that has gone on.
May 17 Animas is having my endo schedule as many pump patients as possible so they can be there in office and also available to us. I’m going to try to run this all past them (and him) so they know how I feel.
I guess that’s a special opportunity for me!

talk to them about this zoe mentioned it so she was offered it too i wasnt offered it i had to bring it up so just bring it up and try to discuss it

No, you don’t have to be unemployed for the Animas fee “exception”. It is $38,000 or less income for a single person; I’m not sure what the requirement is for a couple, but definitely over $20,000. But I don’t understand when you said you didn’t draw even $20,000 in salary but pay almost $900 per month in insurance! It would include all income from any sources, and it doesn’t matter what your expenses are, they don’t ask that at all. I don’t really know anything about owning a business and paying yourself a salary; perhaps just owning the business disqualifies you. From what I heard, some people are offered the exception and some have to ask about it. I’m not sure what you mean by Animas sending you to “the supplier they use” who told you about payment options. It is Animas itself who supplies the fee exception. I would keep pursuing it until they let you know about it. Whether you end up qualifying or not, they can’t just say it doesn’t exist! I don’t have any special connections, and I have heard other people who got the fee exception. I believe exception is the word they use, rather than fee “waiver”.

I don’t know if your type of insurance has anything to do with it. I’m currently in a PPO not an HMO although I’m going to switch this year to save money. My PPO covers 80% and so they had already told me my share was around $1,000 when the sales rep brought up that I could have that $1,000 waived and also get 30% more (on top of the 80% my insurance pays) if I qualified for the fee exception. How is your insurance coverage? Maybe they only grant it to people with good (like my 80%) coverage, because they know they are going to get lots of money ongoing from me!

im in a hmo plan as well

Would they work out some assistance or the low income reduction if you didn’t send it through your insurance and went on a cash basis? It might actually work out cheaper if you could do that, maybe?

to the depths with medtronic stay away!!!

Yeah now that I know what it is called, I can ask. Oh, and our business pays a lot of our bills (health insurance, car payment etc). But last year was so bad, we didnt draw ourselves many paychecks (t’s called draining all the retirement money).
It is an HMO, and they pay all my pump supplies, plus good benefits on insulin and strips.
Just the DME coverage that is so lousy.
And they work with Carecentix/Gentiva . All your authorizations have to clear that company.
That company wont allow for any trade in, or discounts.
I detest them, every pump I ever got they said it was totally denied while all the time it was not!
I will try to get somewhere now that I know the term to use so thankyou.

No, I dont think so. The one company said my HMO would pay about $2500, toward the contracted rate. So that makes sense because four years ago that is what I paid for my Cozmo.

I was told, Carman, that the cost of the pump was actually higher for individuals! I think it was $6,400 for individuals but only $5,000 if you are buying it through an insurance company. Sounds backwards but I guess they want to give the big insurance companies breaks because they do so much business with them.