Just need to vent

It's been a while since I've been on...I am pregnant with baby 2, 15 weeks along with a girl. It is really challenging having a VERY active 3 year old, a full time job (I'm a Kindergarten teacher), have T1 and being pregnant! AHH! I don't think I have slept through the night in months either due to my Dexcom ringing with a low, needing to pee, or my son having a bad dream or just wanting to cuddle in the middle of the night. On top of everything we just bought a house, close a week from today, and move a week after that! So far everything with the pregnancy has been perfect, my A1C is a bit higher than I would want but at least baby is developing perfectly at this point.

Vent over. Thank you for listening!

Wow, that is a lot on your plate! We're thrilled with the idea of a single-child family - I can't imagine having a toddler around every day while managing T1 and pregnancy! One day babysitting my young nephews and I'm wiped out! For me, sure the relaxin hormone is great, but I haven't slept though a night since the third trimester because I wake up with super sore hips every couple of hours and need to change position and add / remove a pillow because of the joint pain there. I definitely found the lows early on pregnancy a super challenge to stay on top of and I was a bit short on sleep then because, depending on how the day went, I would be setting an alarm to check my blood glucose / grab a snack in the middle of the night. It was a bit of a relief to have those sneaky lows level out, feels like a lot more room for error with the later pregnancy challenge of insulin resistance (my total daily dose has increased by 5x where I was at pre-pregnancy). I'm 35 weeks and starting to see more frequent lows again, so perhaps I'm approaching the tapering off of the insulin resistance phase of things. I'm really really hopeful to go back to my pre-pregnancy situation, as I was likely still honeymooning somewhat but because I've increased my insulin needs so much these past months my med team tells me not to expect that necessarily. I'm really curious about how quick it all drops off - did you have T1 with your first pregnancy? Did your insulin needs return to your pre-pregnancy needs after delivery? Were you challenged with frequent lows after delivery? Good luck fitting in more zzzz's!

Hi-thanks for your comments! I did have T1 with my first pregnancy. I have bee T1 since just before my 4th birthday! After delivery my insulin needs did return to pre-pregnancy, sort of-breastfeeding can make your BG go low and so my insulin needs actually went down for a while but were a bit unpredictable for some time. I am actually working with a different team of doctors this time (first pregnancy was in NY and this one is in MA) so I have a feeling I will be more in control post-partum because this team of doctors is better in my opinion!

Last night my parents took my son for a sleepover so I got a REALLY good nights sleep. Thanks! And good luck with your little one entering the world!