Just plain frustrated and tired of dealing with diabetes

I don’t know if it’s the holiday’s getting to me, or just plain tired of dealing with all the crap associated with being a diabetic…having to test at odd times, making sure to carrying enough supplies and back-up supplies…making sure to have something to treat the lows and having extra insulin to help with the highs…I am just so tired and frustrated with every part of diabetes…I HATE BEING A DIABETIC!!!
I would love just to wake up one morning and not have to check my pump and make sure that my sensor is working, see if I will have to change my pump at any time of the day…I use to carry a little “book” bag to carry my testing supplies and snacks, now I use two “shoebox” size rubbermade containers to carry just my meds and testing supplies…the other container has my pump supplies…and I always make sure it’s stocked with enough supplies for about 5 days…I can go through infusion sets in about a week…I will put them in a spot and forget it’s there (like my upper thigh by hip) and will pull it out when pulling my pants down to go potty…I have done that about 4 times within 2 days…
Does anyone else feel lke this at all? Or am I just alone and not able to deal with my life that I have been handed?
Any suggestions? Advice?

Thanks for letting me vent

I had an emotional low last night myself…tears and 'I can’t take it anymore" but I recovered this AM. I talked myself into this mindset; my diabetes actually makes me healthier than most people I know because I have to eat right, exercise, and know the nutrition research. I won’t be putting a lot of crap into my mouth this holiday. And I am really proud of myself for dealing with this burden. So repeat after me… but here’s a hug from someone who knows.

You are not alone. There are plenty of times (rioght now for me too) that it all just seems too much…I keepreminding myself what I would tell my kids–this too will pass, and it will be better. hang in there, and it is soooo wonderful that we have this place to vent to others who completely understand!

Venting lowers blood sugar! Well, sometimes it raises it. But it feels gooooood.

Sending another hug your way.

What you just said Maria is very inspirational!

Thank you!


Thank you so much…I didn’t start out as a T1, when I was first diagnosed I was T2, but within about 6 months I was on insulin and within a year I was T1. No matter what type of diabetes or any health problems you deal with are hard not only on your body but your emotions…I just try to remind myself that I was given these problems for a reason, and that I am a strong person and I can deal with this…I think if one of my neices or my brothers had this life, they might not be able to deal with it. It harder for me at this time of the year…December is a hard month for me, not only is it christmas, but it is my birthday month as was my mom’s…In August of 2003 I lost her to a massive heart attack…she was 62…She had died from a massive heart attack, with a prior heart attack and undiagnosed heart disease…I was the one with all the health problems…I just get down on myself this time of the year…Thank you all for listening and just being here to have someone that does know what I am going through…
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year

Dear dawn. I use seringes otherwise the story is dead on target. And yes it is much worst at Christmas in the land of the infinite food supply. I am begging my favorite female for permission to go awol from Christmas supper tomorrow. I think permission will be refused.

Besides having diabetes, I had gastric bypass surgery 8 1/2 months ago, so the holidays have really sucked for me…I just try and pace myself, and not over indulge…if I do I will be sick for about 4 hours on top of having high sugars…right now I am having a hard time getting my sugars down…I snuck a peanut butter cookie…first one in weeks and at christmas time the sweets are my weakness…and it’s only gotten worse since my surgery and I know what will happen after eating sweets, but almost don’t care…We will all make it through the holiday…
Merry Christmas