Just wonder if drinking more water will reduce my glucose numbers? anyone know

  1. I currently drink 3-4 glasses per day, wondering if more would help bring my glucose numbers down more?
  2. I have Medicare part B, Supplemental F, and receive most of my care at the VA (Veterans Adminstration), insulin, syringes, etc. wondering if any of those even cover an insulin pump, or/and CGM, if it is a lost cause, i don’t want to even bring it up.
  • My VA primary Care is a doctor, but not what you all call an Endo, They have prescribed the amounts and timings of insulin that i currently take.
    ** About Lantus
  • I started in December taking 10 units of Lantus at bedtime, and was also taking (3x)Glyberide and (3x)Metformin (850x3)
  • gradually up to 42 units of Lantus as of this time.
  • discontinued Glyberide totally
  • During January started taking Novolog, with a sliding scale, at first I tried the numbers under the normal scale for my glucose reading, then i used the insulin resistant numbers, none worked, then I ended up using 10-12 units when I was over 200 and it began working, but took up to 3 hours before my glucose actually came down.

Thanks for any advice or direction.
Estel J HInes

I drink 2 liters of water a day and it does help pull excess sugar from your body. Just make sure your kidneys are good and if you have any issue’s with low electrolyte’s you need to replace them with any water increase. Also make sure your blood pressure is good. Not only does water help pull excess sugar from the body it helps regulate blood pressure as well as keep kidneys well hydrated and clean. Don’t drink the water all at once but an even amount through the day.
Hope this helps
be well and be loved

Medicare will cover a pump if you meed the lab requirements or if you are Type 1. They will not cover the cgms as of yet.

Drinking water helps, especially if you drink a good bit of caffeine which dehydrates (& causes rises for many).

Do you take Novolog just to correct highs, or also before meals? 10-12 units is a lot of Novolog to use as a correction. What was your reading? My guess is that it took that long to bring down your BG because it may have been steadily rising the whole time. Was this shortly after you ate? Were you ill? Being sick requires a lot of insulin to get back in a normal range.

drinking water reallly does help…i know! I was 230 the other day and i wanted to lower my BG. I kinda experimented and drank 2 full glasses of water, went to the bathroom, 20 minutes later i was 152!

SORRY-not 152…it was 182