Safest location for pump on my body?

I am new to DM and new to my Animas pump. I have been pumping for about three weeks.

I keep my pump on the top of my pants 99% of the time. At work I try to keep it in my bra but it can be uncomfortable and obviously a little harder to get to without putting my hand down my shirt! I have the thigh thingy for when I wear a dress but I haven’t used it yet.

I am very clumsy and keep banging my pump into doors, walkways, etc. Thank goodness I have the screen protector on it and I have to try to keep the skin on it. I am worried that not only am I damaging the outside, that I might be damaging the electronic parts.

Where do you guys keep your pump? Do you have extra covers on it? Do they get in the way of your clothing/ movement? I am still using my stomach as infusion sites and have the short tubing so that limits locations but I can’t imagine wearing my pump on my ankle or anything.

Any ideas or input would help!

Middle or side of my bra; or underwear is an option too.

What did you get for your thigh? I have been looking for something.

Its on the Animas product website. It’s actually called “Thigh-Thing”. It has a pocket for the pump with something that wraps around your leg and a garter clip to keep it up.

I put my pump in a baby sock and put it in the middle or bottom part of my bra. At this point, I don’t really care if I have to reach up under my shirt or pull it out of the top. I just try and be discrete. Also, short of stopping the music, I do everything from the meter for my Ping.

I’m on the clumsy side too, Jackie, so sometimes I reverse my pump, hook it on my beltline with the screen side under my pants. I feel more at risk of bumping into stuff in my apartment than out in the world so sometimes I just leave it inside the spibelt I use to sleep. I really didn’t like the skin, so I don’t use it. I finally found a bra style and size that fits me perfectly so there isn’t any room in my bra!

Mine is usually on my pants. I try to keep it on my right side at all times now. I’m hoping (seems to be working) that if I have it in the same place every day, I’ll learn to NOT bump into doorways, etc… I’ve started purchasing the 43 & 23 inch tubing. That gives me some leeway for placement of the insertion.
I have one of the skins but don’t like using it.
I tried it in a sock on my foot (not bra) and that just didn’t work for me.
You’ll figure out what works best for you.

Oh that’s an interesting thought, Colleen: keeping the pump on the same side so your internal “radar” gets to know where it is so you won’t bump as much. I have been switching insertion sides every time and just putting it on alternate sides without thinking about it. But you’re right, especially with the 43 inch there is plenty of leeway to hook it on the chosen side. I’m going to try that. I’m glad I’m not the only one who dislikes the skins; everyone else I talk to loves them!

I’m a creature of habit - so had to do that!
Now my biggest fear is catching the tubing in the pants zipper when the insertion is on the left and the pump is on the right. Hasn’t happened yet…

I worry a little about the zipper on my spibelt, so I just don’t zip it all the way closed.

I don’t think that would work with my pants. :slight_smile:

That is a good idea. Just as Zoe said, I tend to switch sides but I think that making a habit would help!

Hi Zoe - at night, I wear a “sleep bra” - just a comfortable, soft, elastic piece - no form, just very comfy, then I put my pump in a baby sock and tuck it in to the bra. Easy, peasy.

Why do you worry about the zipper - don’t you have one of the models with the built in “hole” for the tubing?

Most of my clothing now has pockets! I use pockets almost exclusively, and I change from left to right, depending on the location of the infusion set. If I’m using a pocket that’s not quite deep enough, I use the belt clip and attach it to the pocket that way. If I’m not using a pocket, I use my spibelt - but I don’t use the spibelt at night - that would bug the stuffings outta me! I use a sleep bra and baby sock.

I don’t know, I just adapted and don’t tend to bump in to things - and I don’t use a skin. These pumps are fairly sturdy.

No! No built in hole! Is that the special diabetes spibelt? I just got the regular one as I couldn’t see any difference!

I like pockets too! Yes, my trainer told me the pump was sturdy - I’ve already dropped it twice! The sleeping thing is a definite YMMV thing; I would hate sleeping with any kind of bra, I remove my bra (and shoes) the instant I get home. I just adjust the spibelt so it isn’t tight enough to bind but tight enough not to slip. I don’t even feel it.

Maybe I can find more pants with higher/ bigger pockets? haha sounds like it would get in my way less than on the top of my pants

You know, you could always put it in a baby sock and pin it inside the waistband of your pants. That would get it out of the way and it would be protected underneath your clothes.

That is a great idea! Thanks!

I too almost always wear my pump in pockets. I just stuff the tubing in the waistband of my pants or skirts but I know of others who cut a small hole or put a buttonhole in their pockets. They feed the tubing to the pump through the pocket rather than over the waistband. I’ve thought about that for some clothing but haven’t actually done it yet. That would be really convenient for cargo pockets that are lower on the leg. I’m basically lazy though and don’t want to disconnect and find the little hole, etc when I’m getting dressed. Plus for me I know I wouldn’t do this often enough to where it would be a habit and so I’d be more likely to forget about it and pull the site out when I changed clothes.

If I’m wearing something without pockets then I use a spibelt or put the pump in a baby sock and wear it in my bra. At night the pump is usually just rolling around the bed with me or under my pillow.

I personally like the longer tubing. It gives me more options in terms of how to wear the pump. I think it’s also good to try different things and accessories/clips etc as over time you’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t. Plus as wearing the pump becomes a habit you’ll be less likely to snag on things.

The pumps are pretty durable. I wouldn’t worry about damaging it from normal wear and tear and dropping it they are designed to take that type of normal use. I’ve only been pumping with Animas for about 9 months but I’ve been pumping for almost 9 years now. The pump companies will all replace a pump that has been damaged or if it malfunctions. Over time buttons may start to stick or some cracks would develop in the housing or the backlight would go out. It’s not a frequent occurrence but this is something they expect over time. The pumps also have internal checks and systems so if something’s not working right internally then there will be alarms that occur that will let you know something is off. I haven’t had my Animas long enough for a warranty replacement but I’ve had a couple of minimed pumps replaced here and there and it’s never been a problem.

I have one skin but I don’t always wear it. My screen protector got pretty scratched so I took that off and haven’t replaced it. So far I find the pump screen to be pretty durable so I’m not worried about it.