For the men

How do you carry your pump?
Mine is in a phone case hooked to my belt.

I know where a few women carry theirs but I do not wear that article of clothing so thats out of the question.

What kind of cases or holsters besides the one that you can get from Animas have you found that works good.


I used to work in public safety. I keep my pump in a Cordura case with a metal belt clip. It was made by RIPOFF of San Dimas CA. I got it from

I guess it would be safe to assume Robert that you may be referring to the thigh holder when you state that you will not wear that article. If so be advised that it is not as bad as you may think. I don’t like to have my pump exposed too much so I use the thigh holder. It may seem weird for a dude to be wearing it but I removed the straps that make it look like a guarder and when I am playing basket ball in the park or gym it resembles what some of the NBA players wear with there basket ball shorts. It is more convenient and allows me to do more sports activities which is great but I had to have it tightened up so it doesn’t fall down but it works great and even when I am in a suit at work it is very discreet and I don’t have to worry about the tubing being in the way. I can also leave it on when having sexual relations with my girl. Give it a try, you might be surprised…

I was not referring to a thigh holder. I was taking about some women carry there pump in there bras.
thanks for the reply may look into one.

I use a leather case I got at a diabetes store, hooks to the belt { cost, me $30.00 bucks} I was braking the ones that come with the pump…

Where does one get one of these thigh holders? I am just starting on a Ping, looking for a good system to get started with.

check out They might have what you are looking for.

I have been using cell phone cases. If I was a full time kilt wearer I might look at the thigh holders.

but do not want to drop may pants every time I need to do something on my pump

Hope this helps

do you have a model number for this or a better discription of the case