Keeping Omnipod adhered to skin

Wondering if you all might have some tips I can try.

My daughter wears omnipod on her stomach and hip area. We can't do arms and legs because she is a competitive swimmer. I use skin tack prior to placing the pod on her skin. After it is in place I use two pieces of tape to try to hold the pod in place. The last few weeks we are having so many issues with the pod pulling up at the canula end. It seems to come apart from the tape included on the pod. This results in high blood sugars and a lot of frustration.

Just wondering if you have any suggestions on how to prevent some of this.


I have suggestion, as I run into a big problem while traveling a few weeks ago. I took 3 pods with me for 3 days conference, and in one day two of my pods will not stick on my skin. It could be 2/2 completely different climate or so.
Omnipod rep recommended " SKIN TAC WIPE" Adhesive barrier wipe. It works fantastic, I use it now for sensor and pods. It is not causing any skin irritation.
I found the best price here

I hope this helps, It changed stability of my pods a big time,

Good Luck, let me know if you find something different, it's always good to now.

We place a piece of Hypafix 2-inch tape on my 7-year old son’s pod every time and it works quite well.

Good luck!

This is all good advice from Insulet... Adhesion Tips from Insulet

2269-14095AWPodPlacementAdhesionTipsR30312FINAL.pdf (291 KB)

We use two strips of Opsite Flexifix across each pod, on the upper part of the pod, to stop this from happening. The tape is cut one inch wide and can extend just an inch or so past the tape on the sides. Keeps that nose down and it has never pulled away from the pod since we started doing this, years ago.

Thank you everyone! I do use skin tac and opsite flexifit. I'm going to try and make the pieces bigger.Hopefully that will help!

I use the SKIN TAC WIPE order MS407W.

however, I wipe it on the omni pad directly not my skin, wait for it to get sticky and attach to my back or arm, it makes better contact and my skin around the pod is not sticky. I swim and take a water arobics class every other nite and it stays in place.

Great idea! I never thought of that. We tried it tonight! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks for your help!

What do you mean: wipe omni pod directly? You get it ready, take off the paper covers and wipe the sticky parts with Skin Tac wipe?

MLH your questions have probable been answered already in other places on this site but finding them is a challenge so I will add one more suggestion to your question.Look at the few pictures on my home page to see what I use. It has made pod wear very durable. Kesiso tape has been mentioned before but I for one am still pushing it. I have very dry skin and use alcohol before I apply anything so maybe that is why it works so well for me. Lord knows we are all different. Best of luck. Michael.

I take off the paper expose the sticky side and take the tacky swab and wipe it on the pod.(the part thar sticks to my skin) When my fingers get sticky I place the pod on my body, since I been doing this a couple of months I have very few problems with the pod remaning in place for 3 days.

We do this too - it is the only tape that allows my daughter to get the three days out of the pods - I find in the winter when I can get lazy about it(less water and sweating) that she will get more kinks if we don't tape it too (I guess the pod moves around more)

Thanks again for your help. We've been putting the skin tac on the pod instead of her skin and it works like a charm, with less mess. Also using wider pieces of tape to hold it down. So far so good! We still change every two days as well. Looking forward to the next generation OmniPod!!!