Omnipod falling off

I'm having issues with the pods falling off during bath or swimming can anyone help....this is for my 3 year old and I'm already frustrated

I use skin tac to keep my Dexcom on. I don't have to for my pods, but if it works on the Dexcom...I've used it on my pods when I've gone white water rafting and it stayed secure.

Hi Robin,

For my daughter, who is 5, we use Skin Tac before we put the pod on then I put a 2x4 "heavy duty waterproof" band-aid (CVS brand) OVER the pod to secure it in place for the 3 days. Works like a charm! It is seriously waterproof but still not too difficult to get off. They come 10/box for $3.79, and CVS often has buy one get one 50% off sales, so I stock up! Give it a try. Believe me, we tried every kind of tape imaginable and came back to this every time.

Thanks . Where does she wear it? It does not do well on his buttocks or lower back he pulls it out when going to bathroom . His arm seems to work but they don’t recommend going back and forth with arms to use orther areas but this has not worked for me .

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "they don't recommend going back and forth with arms to use other areas". Do you mean that you were told not to rotate Pod placement between arms and other areas? Because that makes no sense. You increase your risk of developing lipoatrophy if you use any particular site or area too often. We rotate between arms, outer thighs, tummy, upper butt. As far as keeping the Pod on, we use I.V. Prep wipes. Use one of these wipes on the skin where the Pod (including the adhesive) will go. Let it dry, but not too long; you want the skin to still be tacky. Then put on the Pod. I've only once had the adhesive start to peel up a little around a couple of edges; I used some strips of Opsite Flexifix to tape it down.

I swim a lot all summer, I se skin tac and I find the best areas to be the stomach, arms and legs. for swimming I didn`t like the lower back or upper butt for swimming. I roate every pod change.

I rotate which arm I wear mine on, have NEVER used additional products, and haven’t had any issues with pods falling off.

Just picked up some Skin-tac. It’s working much better then without. Even have more confidence lap swimming now on day three (it always used to fall off on day three while swimming).

Skin Tac and Opsite Flexifix are both awesome products. Let the Skin Tac get a little tacky before applying the pod to the skin, and try to avoid putting it where the cannula goes in. You can also put the Flexifix tape around the perimeter of the pod tape and it does a great job of holding it on. I no longer need to use it on my pods, but I always put the tape around my Dexcom tape to hold it on.