Keeping Victoza cool!

I have a quick question for you Victoza users out there. I am heading overseas for a month and will be doing a fair bit of travelling and wondered if you all keep your Victoza in the fridge all the time? I live in Singapore so I do keep mine in the fridge here as it is blooming hot here all year round, but my holiday is in Europe in Dec/Jan. I did read that it needs to be kept below 30c. Any answers are greatly welcomed.

Thanks Shawnmarie, I have a cool bag that keeps cold for 8 hours for insulin, but some hotels in Europe don't have fridges in the room, which is a bit odd. I am probably worrying about nothing.

Hi Shawnmarie, Thank you for the link to the Frio insulin cooling case. Wow they are amazing and I will be ordering one for my trip. I will order one for my Mum who lives in Australia also. Thank you once again.