Konjac Noodles - Have you tried them? What do you think?

My local Chinese restaurant offers several dishes with these konjac noodles. They are supposed to be very low/no carb. If you’ve had them, let me/us know what you think. Looking forward to your comments.

I use these sometimes. My mom sent me a huge box, she’s on a low carb diet (non-d) and likes them. I’ll use them when I make spaghetti for my son at dinner. He can only have 30 carbs and he loves sauce and garlic bread so this helps make up for the pasta part.
They are kind of chewy, which is kinda weird. Now for the reallllly gross part-they umm come out looking the same way the came in lol. I only know this because my son (type 1) is still in diapers-he’s 22 months old. At first it freaked me out, I thought he had worms or something!

Thanks for responding and for the information. I was beginning to think no one else had ever heard of them. I haven’t gotten up the nerve to order one of their dishes prepared with them, but maybe tonight or tomorrow. All the best to you and your family. I know you take good care of your little guy. Thanks again.

thanx! You can order them off the internet to make them at home in a huge box too. There’s only 3 carbs per serving.

I’ve been wanting to try these. I know a lot of people (online) use them. I haven’t yet been brave enough to order them myself. Things that people have said about the texture is what is throwing me. If I won’t eat something it is usually because of texture and not necessarily taste. One of these days, I’ll have to try them.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your responses so far. I have tried several of my local chinese restaurants dishes with these noodles. They are chicken with konjac noodles and Chicken and Kale with Konjac noodles and black bean sauce. The noodles are a little odd but not unpleasant. In both of these dishes, the noodles seem secondary to the rest of the ingredients. These meals are probably better for me because they are’nt fried, and don’t have sweet or thick sauces. They both have health vegetables in them.

I haven’t tried any home preparation of these noodles yet.

Thank you all for your responses.