Lactose free milk

I normally eat a bowl of sugarfree puffed wheat with 1 cup of homo milk. This week I bought a carton of Natrel lactose free milk. Usually when I eat a bowl of cereal with the homo milk I get a spike in my bloodsugar. This morning I had a cup of the Natrel and it didn’t happen. I actually had to eat more carbs because I was dropping. I think lactose free milk is what I am going to have for now on. Does anyone else get a spike when drinking milk in the morning?

It makes sense—lactose is a sugar, and regular milk is pretty sugary as a result, if you can digest lactose (and if not, it’s just miserable). So if they are actually removing lactose (vs adding lactase to make it more digestible, like with Lactaid milk), they are removing some of the sugar/carbs from the milk.

I’m lactose intolerant, so I use plant-based milks like almond (unsweetened, so no noticeable effect on blood sugars) or oat (naturally contains sugars from the oats, so definitely need to take insulin to prevent spikes, but the most delicious for coffee IMO).

Since I’m lactose intolerant, I recently googled this issue. According to what I found, removing the lactose does not really lower the carbs or change the nutritional content of the milk. I really thought it would, since lactose is a sugar, but I was not able to find anything to support that idea.

Oh my goodness, oat milk! I absolutely love, love, love it, but my blood sugar does not. I once went from 68 to 170 from eating some peanut butter Chex in oatmilk.

It does have less sugars in it. Natrel has 8g per cup and 2% has 12g per cup.

That’s great that you were able to find one that had less carbs! I have never seen that brand before, but the ones that I have compared have the same carb content as regular milk. That will be a brand to definitely look for in order to keep carbs a little lower!

I get a tiny bit of a spike but nothing big deal. I prefer the taste of Natrel as opposed to silk almond that I was drinking. It has a vanilla flavor in my cereal and it also doesn’t whiten my cup of tea. I have to buy 2 milks when I use Silk. I was buying a bag of 2% for my tea and 2 cartons of silk for cereal. Now I can use Natrel for both. Actually Natrel has 7g of sugars in it. I rechecked the carton.

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