Lactose Sensitivity

Anyone on here who takes insulin and can’t consume lactose? I’m not intolerant but I have read that milk and diabetes could have a strong negative impact on the user affected. Since cutting out dairy has your A1C improved?

I’m sending a call out to @Jen. She may be of some help to you regarding cutting out dairy.

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Thanks, @Tapestry.

I have been strictly dairy-free (except for accidental exposure to trace amounts of dairy) for the past five years due to an immune-mediated condition called eosinophilic esophagitis and IgE-mediated allergic reactions.

Being dairy-free had no impact on my A1c or blood sugar control. My A1c didn’t drop substantially until over a year later, when I began using the Dexcom CGM.

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i am lactose intolerant. I use dairy fee products like fairllife mile and daiya cheeses
no impact on A1C

Fairlife is lactose-free milk, but it’s not dairy-free.

Lactose-free milk, butter, yogurt, cream, and other “alternate” dairy like goat and sheep milk or cheese and ghee all contain dairy.

Just need to clarify, because people mix up “lactose” and “dairy” all the time. It makes life dangerous for those of us with dairy allergies.

Thanks for your input @Jen .

I will note that I significantly noticed better blood glucose control and fewer “spikes” once I stopped drinking milk. There have been countless studies on the correlation to cow dairy and autoimmune deficiencies but of course not enough research to prove a preventative method. I cut out dairy before “CGM’s” existed so I was entirely grateful for the positive glucose results with this.