Lancet Infection Poll

Mike S asked the perennial question on lancet re-use in the Insulin-pumpers forum. I thought a more specific question in a wider forum might help those who worry about infection from re-using lancets.

Anyone who has ever re-used a lancet is welcome to respond. My own answer is No.

Q. Have you ever had an infected finger or alternate test site which was stated by your doctor to be caused by lancet re-use?

A: Yes or No. If yes, please give details.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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My answer is No too.

My answer is no and I am a frequent re-user.

No, never

Nope. Hmmm when was the last time I changed it?

Been re-using lancets since probably about 1982 and, no, I've never had an infection in my fingers. I change my lancets about as frequently as the clocks change for daylight savings!

Nope. I change about once a day.

Nope . . . but don't ask me the last time I changed it.

No. Interval between changes measured in months I've been testing about 2.4 years

No, I've never had an infection. I change my lancets every couple of months.

No. (Re-user for the past 7.5 years of over 19 years with diabetes)

No. (Test 10+ times a day and change lancet every 24 hrs.)


I change mine every test. The reason being i work in a hospital and draw blood every day. If I miss a stick and pull out of a patient I get a new needle because the first stick actually dulls the needle slightly. Sounds strange but is been proven. So for that reason i allways use a new lancet.

I honestly kept a lancet for over a year. I've never had an infection.

Recently started changing more often because my Doctor ordered me to.

Good question. I've tested over 100,000 times in 28 years -- not one infection. I change lancets when they get dull, not very often.

No infection at test sites.

Been re-using lancets for nearly 30 years now. Not the same one for 30 years though :-)

We're supposed to change these things? Oh yeah, gee I forgot about that, no wonder my current lancet is looking kinda old and crusty, I have no idea how long its been in there for.

And to answer your question, I've never had an infection from a lancet, maybe I'll leave it in for a few more years :D


Nope. Change almost every time.