Late... (long-ish/rant)

So I am currently awaiting the return of Aunt Flo at the moment. I'm only a couple of days late but right now all I can think is that my control hasn't been good enough to maintain a pregnancy. While my last A1c was in the 6s, I've been sick and the weather's been yucky making workouts difficult making blood sugars wonky which has also not been helped by holiday food. I had a pregnancy loss in Oct. @20 weeks which doesn't appear to have been diabetes-related but I keep worrying that it was and because the specific reason for the loss is so uncommon, we'll never have certainty about it. We sort of decided to start trying again (but mainly just forgot to pick up another box of condoms) in the middle of December and since I got pregnant so quickly last time (month #2) I am going back and forth between "yay! pregnant" and "holy crap - pregnant" at the moment. At least part of the freaking out side is related to a mediocre endo and a mfm practice that didn't help me out much at all. I've found a new endo who sounds very competent and helpful but my first appointment isn't until Feb. 27th.

Please tell me I'm nuts right now for good reason. The wait may very well kill me...

I’m right there with you almost exactly, last A1c was 6.4 but wasn’t good over the holiday season and now I’m 3-4 days late and have all the symptoms of it but it hasn’t showed up and I’m freaking out. Ahhh!! We tried for 6 months and nothing and have recently decided to wait a year or two and now maybe it’s happened. You’re not crazy I’m sitting and waiting too, maybe Christmas stress or maybe it’s just the right time. I’m going nuts with you :slight_smile:

Okay, she's here *whew* thank goodness and feeling much more okay now. Hope yours is right behind :)