Latest A1c

I just love my pump I could have NEVER managed this on MDI. Latest A1c is 5.7. Even with a few off days...D is just so much easier to manage on a pump than MDI, I so wish I had done this YEARS ago.

That's worth celebrating! And let's wasn't ALL the is just a tool that still needs a dedicated person behind it. Keep up the good work. What brand did you go with and how long have you had it?

I have the Medtronic 523 Paradigm Revel, and I've been using it now...since about a week before Turkey day, lol. so not quite 6 months yet. But it was incredible..went from a 6.6 A1C just shortly before my pump to 5.5 back in January, and 5.7 this time.

Fantastic, congrats to you...remember you're the navigator - captain of your to you! I start my pump on Tuesday, same one you're using. I switched just this morning to humalog (from novolog) and so far, on MDI's, it's been great and I feel better.

Good job, Christy!

Way to go Christy! I'm glad you're enjoying your pump!