Pump frustration

I switched from MDI’s to the Paradigm 522 this past February in hopes that my A1C readings would improve. You see, I’ve been Type 1 for 31+ years and I’ve never ever had the numbers that are considered “good”. I think the best A1C reading I’ve ever had was probably in the low 7’s. I can still remember when my pediatrician considered an A1C of anything less than 10 was excellent. lol

Needless to say, those times have changed and now they’d like to see me at or under 6. December 28th, my A1C reading was 8.5. I started pumping February 16th. My next A1C was March 28th… Good news! My A1C was 8.0!
That’s an improvement for only being on the pump a month and a half! I was sooooo excited. I couldn’t wait until my next endo appointment in June!

I was SUCH a good girl. I tested 8-10 times daily. I ate healthy, and took care of myself. I would upload my glucose readings and pump data to the Medtronic website program (can’t for the life of me think of its name right now). My endo helped me change some settings and I thought I was doing so much better. For me, I was much better. I wasn’t in the 200’s all the time. I mostly had readings in the 100’s and an occasional low and high thrown in there.

June 26th rolled around and I went for my check up. They pulled my labwork and I couldn’t wait for the results. I watched the mailbox for a week and a half. The results arrived and to my disappointment, my A1C was at 7.9.

Now granted, it’s an improvement from 8.0, but c’mon!! :frowning: I’m totally bummed out about it. I’m really not sure what more I could do to improve things?

I’m what my endo calls a “Symptom Resistant” diabetic. Have y’all ever heard of this term or has he coined some new phrase that only us poor Kansas schmucks are expected to believe? lol Even though my numbers aren’t very good, I have no complications. Especially for a diabetic going on 32 years. He says that it’s rare, but I seem to be “blessed” (so far anyway). My issue with this is…Who knows when that luck’s going to run out?? lol

I’m trying my hardest to learn this pump stuff, really I am. I love the bolus wizard on the pump and I’d probably be lost without it. I just wish I new more about how to know when to tweak your insulin sensitivity numbers, the IOB time, etc. I want that 6!!

in the last 2 years i have heard the same explaination of ‘symptom resistance’ - a DE told me that for some people regardless of control, that if no complications are present 10 years diagnosis, there is a good chance you are not ‘prone’ to complications. i wouldnt bet my life on it though, i do my best to keep my A1C’s under 7.2.